What Are YOUR Rules During COVID-19?

This week’s Global TV segment was born out of a post I wrote on my personal Facebook wall a couple weeks ago that received a lot of feedback.

It was an appeal to my mom and dad friends, and it went like this:

What Are YOUR Rules During COVID-19?

Truthfully, my kids are upset with me because the rule states that we can have friends over to our homes now. Most of their friends are having friends over, and many of my friends are too, but I still don’t let anyone in our home.

And boy, this doesn’t jive well with my kids.

So Laura Casella and I had a discussion about it on Global News, and I shared how we manage rules and expectations for our family during COVID-19.

Clearly, every family has different rules, and that goes for COVID times too.

Watch this, and then I’d love your thoughts.

What Are YOUR Rules During COVID-19?

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