Wisdom Wednesday: Stretching Yourself

Wisdom Wednesday: Stretching Yourself


I couldn’t think of a more fitting quote, than after watching Dawn Harper take silver last night at the London Olympics. One of the most “underappreciated” female hurdlers, she has candidly spoken about the extreme hard work it takes to master your craft- the sacrifice it takes to win gold. But she has also spoken of the purpose, passion and pride that comes with hard work, overcoming hurdles, and accomplishing something on your own.

Wisdom Wednesday: Stretching Yourself
Harper comes a close second and wins the silver metal for USA in the 2012 Olympics

I’d love to know, have you ever stretched yourself beyond what you thought you could accomplish? How many hurdles have you had to jump over in order to attain your goals? Can you relate to the quote about work giving you a purpose? Share with our community.


  1. Earning a music degree let me stretch my abilities to perform, to teach, and to listen – all of these with a hearing impairment. I proved myself capable, and I hope I opened a door, however small, for others to follow me.

  2. With reference to stretching and hurdles! I have stretched myself further than I ever thought I could and continue to stretch myself Overcome hurdles to the extent that I have gone from victim, survivor to Thriver! 🙂 The mirror was shattered, then I realized I didn’t want to put the mirror back as it was; I am creating a beautiful mosaic of the shards, something that truly reflects who I am!creating

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