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what to make for kids lunch

Does this Wordless Wednesday really require any explanation? I think not.

This was the picture on the cover of the Arts and Life section of today’s Montreal Gazette

Aaaah… the joys of back to school!

I have pulled my hair out 50 times over school lunches, and I’m only one week into school!

My son’s lunch box comes home heavier than it was sent. He eats pretty much nothing all day long. I’m done.

So today, for all lunch mother warriors like me, can you PLEASE suggest some easy, healthy and fun snacks and lunches your kids are enjoying.

Misery loves company.


  1. It’s too bad the days of peanut butter and jelly are over. They make a big deal of it here in our school. My daughter loves it and I wish I could pack it because she eats nothing all day either. Turkey sandwich? LOLOLOL! Hope that helped. 🙂

  2. I give my 8 years old mac and cheese about 3-4 days a week. I know that’s bad but i always think its better than him not eating anything. Homemade fish sticks or chicken nuggets could be a good option. Good luck!

  3. If you make sandwiches fun they will eat them. Try whole wheat wraps with healthy chicken fingers sliced into them, they look just like the McDonalds chicken wraps (kids are none the wiser that the chicken is baked!)

    Get them involved in making their lunch, it make take a little longer but at least they will eat. And bribing always works, tell them that if they eat all their lunch for 5 lunches in a row, they can pick a treat for their 6th lunch (ie: halloween candy, fruit roll up, mac n’cheese)

    If your kid loves PB&J try soy PB

    Pizza sandwiches are also good, take a whole wheat pita, fill it with tomato paste, cheese, veggies, toast it and wrap it up, its like cold pizza without the mess!

    Good Luck 🙂

  4. My 7th grader loves these simple lunches in the brown bag: turkey with blueberry (or strawberry) jam and lettuce on whole wheat slices, cranberry chicken salad on whole wheat slices, tuna fish with chopped apples on whole wheat slices, and sausage with red pepper pasta salad with a splash of Italian dressing. He hated wraps so I always use whole wheat slices or potato slices on an occasion. The fruit and veggie are not only healthy but lend the sweetness to the sandwich and pasta that he doesn’t get tire of. Get them to make their own and they will eat them.

  5. You are not alone.

    Week one of school has been a disaster when it comes to lunches.

    So far, my lunch failures have reduced me to tears, one of my boys to screaming (I didn’t screw the top on a drink container, which leaked milk … sour by the time I got to it everywhere) and promises to teach them to do more for themselves.

    I have created 8 year old MONSTERS! Monsters who are incapable of doing anything by themselves because I am way too nice. Monsters who are extremely demanding.

    The nice mummy is leaving town. She lasted three days of the school year.

    The bitch is back.

    “Make your own lunch, starve —- or be nice and graceful that you get anything,” was my message today.

    That’s why my mum used to say. And you know, for once, she was right.

  6. I feel you. My kids are about to start school and i am having panic attacks wondering why must this come to pass LOl.
    As mothers I guess we just embrace school season as we embrace many others phases in our very chaotic existences.

    My children make a big fuss about not wanting to eat every morning before they go to school, but I don’t listen at all I make sure they have cereal in their stomachs before they jump on the school bus.

    My 5yr old son going on 20 has let me know that he will no longer eat school lunches he wants specially prepared lunches by Mommy; imagine what lies ahead of me; before I set out to a “9-7/8 job with it’s own peculiarities. But it is all good. Ahhhh! This is the bane of Motherhood….Lol

  7. At least you get to complain about eight year olds. My nineteen year old daughter still refuses to make her own lunches. I know if I don’t try to pack her some kind of lunch she’ll just end up eating more junk. So a couple of times a week I’ll send her off with a healthy lunch so I don’t feel so bad. Does it ever end???

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