Wordless Wednesday: America Has Spoken

Wordless Wednesday: America Has Spoken

#FourMoreYears. Congratulations Barack Obama and America.

Am I the only one on the fence here, feeling that neither candidate was particularly convincing? Romney is a smart and successful businessman- isn’t that the guy you want running your country? Then again, he was wrong on so many other issues (um, my body, my choice).

Either way, America has quite a road to recovery. Looking forward to Obama working his magic on this great country.

My 5 year old Canadian son is upset with the results, though. His words last night as the numbers were coming in: “I want Romney to win because he’s Canadian. Look, there’s his red Canadian flag on the tv screen!” 😉

On a sidenote, I hope Donald Trump has found the mind that he lost during this campaign.

Congrats again, President Obama. Let’s do this.

What are your thoughts on the elections results? Please, keep it G rated and no shouting…


  1. Thought I’d share this tweet I just posted:

    “Today is historic for women! At least 18 women – a record high – will serve in the Senate starting in 2013!” via @samanthaettus

  2. Obama was right to win. 100%. Romney would have set America back so many years and like you say, was so wrong on too many issues; anti-abortion, anti-gay, contraception issues and his vice president didn’t think women had the right to choose who they had sex with! Obama and his family are charasmatic people with their heads screwed on… they’re 100% about the people; rich and poor and they know what it’s like to have student debts, to have money issues and so forth. I believe Obama when he says “The best is yet to come.”

  3. This guy is the biggest POS this poor excuse of a country could ever elect. He’s a Muslim who is appointing Muslims to key positions in home land security. What a joke after what happen on 9-11 he doesn’t care about this country. For him it’s all about destroying this country and handing it over to his Muslim brothers without a fight, which will come after he strips us of our 2nd amendment and other liberties.

  4. The best man certainly won and I’m thrilled with the outcome.

    I’m shocked and saddened when I read comments like the one Ghostrider wrote. Unbelievable! The unfortunate truth, and one that few want to discuss, is that had President Obama not been a person of color, there would have been no question that he has done a fantastic job with the mess he was dealt by Bush.

    President is the right choice for the recovery of economy, women and women’s issues issues (as already demonstrated), health care and much more.

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