I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. Two years ago today, on a Wednesday morning at 8:45am, I started a new job as the Weekly Parenting and Lifestyle Correspondent on Global TV‘s The Morning News.

I was nervous, somewhat green, and didn’t know how our chemistry would actually carry over beyond my screen test.

Host Camille Ross and I

Well, what started as a weekly job has grown into a friendship and I am grateful for these two and the entire Global Morning News team. These gals have my back, constantly. As do Julie, Matt, Rob, Jim, Rachel and Karen. They know how to make every segment sizzle.

From Left: Me, Camille Ross (co-host) and Gloria Henriquez (our Producer)
Camille and I

Our show is now a growing baby, a toddler of two this week, and I am so lucky to be able work with this incredible team every Wednesday morning. Happy Anniversary to us Richard, Camille and Jess!!

From left: Richard Dagenais, me, Camille Ross and Jessica Laventure

These two years have been an honor and a privilege.

I can’t wait for more.

(And to view older segments, visit: http://globalnews.ca/?s=erica+diamond)

Happy Hump Day!