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Month: April 2011

The Knowledge That Saved Me From Molestation

Have you ever gotten “the creeps” from one of your children’s coaches? Have you been on the fence about whether or not to say something about it or raise an alarm? Maybe you’ll be perceived as overly sensitive or the dreaded helicopter mom. I believe that women are blessed with a superpower called “intuition.” You should trust your intuition and hopefully this article will convince you to speak up, no matter how awkward.

Moms4Moms: The Collective Power of Moms this Mother’s Day

Did you know approximately $14.6 billion* was spent on Mother’s Day presents last year in the U.S. alone?

According to a study the National Retail Federation conducted last year, Americans spent billions at restaurants and on clothing, jewelry and flowers. Where did that money go? $1.9 billion went to flowers. $2.9 billion was spent on Mom’s favorite food. Another $2.5 billion on jewelry. The remainder went to clothing or clothing accessories ($1.3 billion), gift certificates ($1.5 billion), personal services such as spa treatments ($933 million), consumer electronics ($906 million) and greeting cards ($671 million).

Scheduling “Date Nights”

People always say that you never really know what goes on behind closed doors, which always makes you wonder– what goes on behind closed doors in the average marriage? It makes you question whether things in your own relationship are “normal.” I think one of the biggest questions is, “how often do most married couples have sex?”

EXCLUSIVE: Erica Diamond Spokesperson for National Entrepreneurship Day

I have been keeping it quiet for the past few months, but I am THRILLED to officially announce that I am the 2011 Spokesperson For National Entrepreneurship Day! This is so exciting for an entrepreneur like myself, who eats, sleeps and breathes entrepreneurship, and who always loves to teach and inspire people to take the dive themselves.

To read more about my entrepreneurial journey, click here.

This year, the date is November 16, 2011. Mark your calendars!!

Exclusive Interview With Mariel Hemingway

Growing up a Hemingway for me, well, was no different than you being a Diamond or someone else being a Smith. I never knew anything different. I knew my grandfather was important and I felt a deep connection to his views of the world. I loved how he wrote about nature, and I feel that this is my biggest energetic connection to him. He had an understanding of the outdoors, food and relationships in a way that I admire, and always have.

When Your Man Has Been Living A Double Life

One night five years ago, I was getting ready for bed. It was about 11 p.m. My fiance, Aaron, whom I’d lived with for ten years, was in the living room. I could hear Sex and the City droning on the television.

“Kiri, come here,” he said, softly. “We need to talk.”

I padded into the living and plopped into a chair across from him. For an instant, it occurred to me that he might be about to tell me something horrible, but I just as instantly dismissed the thought. When you’ve lived with a man for a decade, you reside in a peaceful place of complete confidence that you know him thoroughly.

I was about to have that confidence forever stripped from me.

“I think I’m confused about my sexuality,” Aaron said. Then he burst into wracking sobs.

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