Month: August 2011

Activia Launches New French and Greek Yogurts

Activia Launches New French and Greek Yogurts

I am thrilled today to kick off a brand new section to our site… ERICA’S FAVORITE THINGS!! When I look at my life, there are so many things that I couldn’t live without, that help me thrive, and multi-task with ease, so this section will be for that… my favorites! It’s about time. 🙂 When Dannon approached me to help them spread the word about the launch of their new Activia French and Greek yogurts, of course I was thrilled to do so. How natural? IT’S MY EVERY MORNING BREAKFAST! Activia yogurt is definitely one of my favorite things!!



Can you say CHOCOLATE CHIP ZUCCHINI LOAF? Wa-wa-wee-wah!

Yes, I’m on a plane right now en-route to be the Celebrity Guest Chef on an episode of What’s Cooking, on City TV. Considering I’m the biggest FOODIE around (no doubt), but ain’t the best COOK around, this should be interesting! 🙂 We’re making easy, tasty and fun recipes for the busy woman and mom on the go. The episode airs October 8th, so stay tuned…

EXCLUSIVE: Erica Diamond Spokesperson for ICE – Unveils ‘The Erica Diamond Collection' of Jewelry

EXCLUSIVE: Erica Diamond Spokesperson for ICE – Unveils ‘The Erica Diamond Collection’ of Jewelry

I am both thrilled and excited to announce that I have teamed up with ICE to create the THE ERICA DIAMOND COLLECTION of jewelry, inspired by the modern woman and mom. As women, mothers, wives, partners, sisters, daughters and friends, we are all professional multi-taskers trying to look and feel our best. I have chosen a jewelry collection that is about celebrating womanhood around the world and recognizing the different facets of our lives… sexy, playful, elegant, edgy. That is this collection… simple, classy, versatile, modern, and AFFORDABLE. What could be better?

Trusting HER Instincts: What Moms Will and Won’t Do For Their Kids

My stay-at-home mom friends diligently go up to the school and volunteer regularly. The school administrators know them and they are well liked by the teachers. They are in every sense involved and that is great for them. For their commitment and free work, they are often rewarded by getting the “prime” teacher in the grade level for their children’s teacher.