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Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

The FREE Self-Care Masterclass: Your Personalized 4-Step Well-Being Roadmap for Busy Women With Real Life Schedules

Month: May 2013

5 Healthy, Tasty and Quick Recipes for Busy Moms

This week’s Global parenting segment was on one of my favorite topics – food! Food glorious food! Actually, not so glorious when your kids complain that they don’t like what you’re serving, and then they ask for grilled cheese. Yes, many of you have stated that you make one family meal, and if the kids don’t like what you’re serving, they go to bed hungry. I’m just not there yet, ladies. Don’t judge.

Missing Out

The media icon for the woman living in the 1950’s was a domesticated housewife and mother who cooked, laundered, cleaned and sewed all the while looking fashionable with a big, happy grin on her face. Fast forward to today. The media icon today in an entirely different woman. Who do you see in the latest Glamour and Vogues magazines? You see a tall, confident woman, designer clothes, wearing her role as a career woman, mother, wife and domestic goddess, with that “I can have it all” look to her. So what’s the difference between then and now? While both may be illusions of perfection, the real career woman and mom today is mostly exhausted, completely overwhelmed with the second shift at home, and struggling with guilt and stress.

Can’t Sleep? 5 Tips to Beat Momsomnia (VIDEO)

Insomnia is a very real public epidemic. If you have trouble sleeping ladies, you are not alone. An estimated 3.3 million Canadians aged 15 or older, or about one in every seven, have problems going to sleep or staying asleep, and thus are considered to have insomnia, according to a study in Health Reports. To further that, a link correlated between obesity and insomnia has been found. (Stats Canada)

Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for: Heart disease, Heart attack, Heart failure, Irregular heartbeat, High blood pressure, Stroke, Diabetes, Depression, Aging Skin, Increased Weight Gain, Decreased Sex Drive, Forgetfulness and many more. (Via WebMD)

Staying Together for the Kids

I was chatting with some moms last week and it took me back to something that happened a couple of years ago. I remember it clearly – at the time, I was grabbing a salad for the road and on the way to my son’s school to serve hot lunch to 650 students. Never one to skip a meal, I was waiting for my salad, when I bumped into an old friend’s sister. I actually found out on Facebook that this old high school friend had recently separated from her husband. Unfortunately, they also had two young children. I proceeded to ask the sister, “How is your sister doing?” To which she replied, “My sister seems much happier and he seems much happier, so I guess good for them, but I’m not so sure about the kids. I have a different point of view than her. Who’s happy? Who is living in marital bliss? Sometimes you have to suck it up, and stay for the sake of the kids.”

How To Add Spice and Romance To Your Relationship With Feng Shui

When it comes to slipping between the sheets, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is the feng shui of your bedroom. Yet, it’s the feng shui of your bedroom that could just make the difference between a so-so experience filled with ho-hum ooh’s and aahh’s and a rousing chorus of praise to an over-arching deity.

5 Hot Mobile Apps For Moms

Hi Girls. Since many of you have been asking me to post my weekly Global TV parenting segments on the blog, I decided I would begin doing so.

Yesterday I discussed 5 (plus a bonus) mobile apps for Moms ranging from spending tracker adds, to cooking, shopping etc… I love these apps and they make my life as a mom, that much easier.

Angelina Jolie: A Woman OFF The Fence

I just sat in my kitchen reading Angelina Jolie’s New York Times article published this morning disclosing her preventative double mastectomy. Not in a long time have I read such an eloquent, heartfelt and touching article.

If you have not read it, here it is.

To the critics who claim she was too radical to remove both her breasts, to the critics who say she should have kept it private, and to the critics who fault her for having the money for the surgery (it’s thousands of dollars in the USA), I say you couldn’t be more wrong.

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope that those that celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday did so with an abundance of love. Mother’s Day is by far, my favorite day of the year. It’s like one giant connection to a tribe of like-minded exhausted people and friends. I love it. I was spoiled by my 3 men with tons of love, and some GREAT cards.

A Mother’s Day Interview with Brooke Burke-Charvet

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, I decided to spotlight a multi-taking, working mom this year who is also a long distance friend. Brooke Burke, Host of Dancing With The Stars and Co-CEO of was an early supporter of my writing, my book and me. She has given me her unwaivering support, and therefore today I’m thrilled to give you our interview, as well as a great Mother’s Day giveaway! Brooke is rocking motherhood, marriage and a career, so let’s find out how she does it…

It’s time to spring clean your time, energy & mindset!

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