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It was this morning that I awoke and decided to check out how many people have actually viewed our inspirational video for the new Get OFF The Fence Movement. 52,780!!! Over 50,000 views in just 4 short weeks! I call that WINspiration.

Friends, I am humbled that the message of action, empowerment and chasing your goals has resonated. For those who are new to the Get OFF The Fence Movement, you can read more here. Most of us are simply existing in our day-to-day lives, and not thriving. I’m on a mission to change that. You have all the tools to live the life of your dreams, if you are ready to do the work, and take the first step. I want to remind you to take the pledge to get unstuck and off the fence on our website, share your OWN poster and story on our Facebook wall to inspire others, and download our FREE mobile app.

The Facebook page is where you can connect with like-minded fence jumpers, in real time, all the time. Get inspiration, and share your thoughts with other people who are straddling the fence, or who have jumped off and can help others. This is a judgement-free zone of community sharing. Upload your poster exactly like the people in the above video have done.

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Remember to download our FREE APP by clicking on the app icon. This is where you can start creating and implementing your OFF THE FENCE action plan today. It’s also where you’ll get daily inspirational messages, share your story and connect with others in the chat room, read the WomenOnTheFence blog and much more. We welcome any and all feedback on this exciting new app.

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So thank you again for the time you took to visit our new page, watch the video and share it with your friends, and empower others to take the leap off the fence.

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In my head, I envision a row of people holding hands, leaping together.

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If you have any stories of sitting on the fence, trying to get off the fence or you have already gotten off the fence, please share them below, on Facebook or in the app! Please share to help someone else take their first step….