Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize and manifest your goals and dreams in 2023?

Check out Erica's NEW Book LIST YOUR GOALS Journal: 100 Lists to Inspire and Motivate Your Growth

Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize and manifest your goals and dreams in 2023?

Check out Erica's NEW Book LIST YOUR GOALS Journal: 100 Lists to Inspire and Motivate Your Growth

Month: November 2015

How To Stay Healthy During The Long Winter Months

Hi Girlies,

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. It’s December tomorrow. December, people!! When did THAT happen?

Beside beautiful falling snow, winter often brings something entirely different — flu season! In fact, my family’s skin has already faded from golden brown (summer lovin’) to pale white to green-like. You can feel the winter chill in the air fast approaching. We slacked off with our health regime all summer long, because we had the benefits of natural sunlight, the great outdoors, and we ate a ton of fruit. However, with a bunch of kids packed into close quarters at school, for hours on end, it’s only a matter of time before everyone is sick again.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday with LE CHÂTEAU

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends south of the border! Hope you are enjoying good quality time with your friends and family.

Truth is, there’s no better place to stock up on the greatest office party, holiday season and New Year’s party attire AND gifts than the store on every main street and in every mall across Canada, and online at

CONTEST: Giving Back With @Aeroplan

With American Thanksgiving this week and the Holiday season just around the corner, this time of year is all about festivities and joy. I wanted to draw your attention today to something that Aeroplan is doing that is really exciting. For those that might not remember, I have proudly been Aeroplan’s Brand Ambassador for over two years now. And why would I not be proud? I’ve been a loyal member of this program for over TWENTY YEARS!

If you don’t know how it works, it’s simple: sign up for an Aeroplan number, accumulate miles, and redeem them for practically anything you’d want! Beside redeeming miles for Flights around the world, Car rentals and Hotel stays, Aeroplan also has 12 categories where you can also redeem: Activities & Entertainment, Fashion & Accessories, Eco-Friendly, Electronics, Gift Cards & Ideas, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, Luggage & Totes, Media & More, Sports & Outdoors, Travel & Getaways and Money Can’t Buy.

Wordless Wednesday: Sexiest Man Alive

It was announced yesterday. Your Sexiest Man Alive 2015 is… drumroll… David Beckham.

Ladies, ladies, what say you?

I’m not on the fence here… he is not unsexy, per se. He is quite handsome. I’ll give you that.

But I said last year, maybe I’m still living in the past, but this was the Sexiest Man Alive EVER for moi.

Talking Money With Your Grown Kids: Reviewing Your Student’s Finances Over The Holidays

When their exams are over and the holidays begin, students will have a lot of celebrating to do. There is no question that post-secondary education is an expensive investment. Whether living at home or on their own, students may be surprised by how quickly their expenses can add up, and many may have already blown their budget.

While 90 percent of parents say they know roughly how much debt their child has, only 78 percent of students agree, according to an RBC Student Banking survey. Some students may not want to tell their parents their bank account is running on empty, which can cause financial woes down the road.

Single and Dating in 2015: 6 Ways Social Media is Ensuring We All Die Alone

Don’t get me wrong, our internet driven society and age of social media mania definitely has its perks; people can work remotely, re-connect with old friends and stay in touch with family all over the world – not to mention the ego-boost you get from a well-liked Instagram selfie…

However, one thing that has most certainly taken a web 2.0 shaped blow is modern dating culture. Gone are the days of handwritten love letters and desires for a long-term partner – millennial daters favour a flirty wink emoji and yet another Saturday night hook up. Let’s all breathe a communal sigh of exasperation at how social media has ruined love and romance as we know it.

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