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Month: October 2016

Porn and Our Generation

The weeks following my knee reconstruction surgery were littered with sleepless nights. I was practically immobile; a leg brace appropriate for a 6-foot man restricted my every move. My mom set me up in the main-floor bedroom of our summer lake house. Though the mattress and bedding were plush, sleep wasn’t an easy feat. I was frustrated, emotionally and physically. I wanted to be wake boarding and training for collegiate soccer preseason and playing beach volleyball and running from the cops at parties with my friends–not swimming laps in a geriatric jog belt while my leg flopped around.

#FashionFriday: Cozy Fall Fashion Is Here!

#FashionFriday: Cozy Fall Fashion Is Here!

Fall is here (insert happy 🙂 and sad emotion 🙁 ) — love fall fashion, don’t love that it signals the freezing weather that’s around the corner in Montreal. Whether you’re a working girl or stay-at-home mom, here is some cozy fall fashion looks that you might like to sport.

New Study: Anxiety Hits Women Hardest and 3 Quick Ways I Hit Back Harder and Won

Anxiety has a favorite host: females who live in North America. Are you surprised? I’m not. According to a new study published in Brain and Behavior magazine, scientists compared nearly 50 notable scientific papers on anxiety from around the world. Females and people in areas of high population showed time and again to produce higher rate of reported anxiety.

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