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Girls, I am taking my annual July blogging break, only this year, it’s only going to be the last two weeks of July. I do this every year for my mental wellbeing, and for the quality of this blog. It is my gift to myself. It is not easy to continuously keep things fresh, relevant and interesting, so every July, I rest my blogging brain to come back recharged, refreshed, and ready to give you more.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be working on my upcoming women’s lifestyle invention, coaching, doing my weekly Global TV parenting segments, and relaxing.

We will also be picking the boys up from sleepaway camp. That’s it, the party’s over! I can honestly say I am going into this weekend with mixed feelings… I cannot wait to hug and squeeze them. I cannot wait to hear about the past few weeks, learn about what THEY learned, and share all the stories. But my husband and I have honestly had the month of our lives. For the first time ever since having children, we experienced what it felt like to be selfish, wake up and care ONLY for each other.

My hub has been making us both morning health shakes and leaving them on my nightstand before he goes off to work. We have gone out for dinner, relaxed by the lake, okay he missed Paris and that really sucked, but we have rediscovered each other again. I have worked out at night with nothing and no one to rush home to– I did a Hip Hop class last night, showered at the gym and then met my man for dinner. We have had friends come over and stay till 1 am blaring music, cuz no one is upstairs sleeping. I NEVER DO THESE THINGS. It has been absolutely incredible, and I don’t know if I feel ready just yet for it to end.

A quick snapshot of the past month…

Happy campers
Hip hop class last night
Paris at the Lancome 80th bash
Paris at the Lancome 80th bash
Bonjour, Paris!
An appetizer I made one night… cut up toasted baguette brushed with truffle oil, then arugula salad, then cherry tomatoes, then burrata cheese, then salt and pepper, drizzled in glazed balsamic! BOOM! I can be fancy, people!
A Montreal Media Women’s afternoon tea event
The Montreal Media Women Tea and Champagne Event
Seeing the movie I have been dying to see – AMY (The Amy Winehouse documentary). A MUST-SEE!
Eating healthy this month and caring for myself
The hubby morning green shake – lots of berries, kale, lemon juice….
Seeing him happy on his first summer away - priceless
Seeing him happy on his first summer away – priceless

And finally,

I truly cannot wait to kiss these minions…

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So, I wish you all a wonderful upcoming couple of weeks in July. I hope you find some time to yourself to reflect, and map out your goals. Summer is a great time to do that. Please consider this your time to catch up on “rerun” blog posts, as well. 😉 I will still be playing on Twitter Instagram and Facebook, so come say hi over there!

But before I go, I found these three quotes on Pinterest this week and they really spoke to me. I hope they speak to you too.

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Peace and love,