On this morning’s Global TV parenting segment, I discussed a very global trending topic – #CurvyBarbie. Yes, Barbie has a new body, and it has most moms celebrating, a few skeptics, and others who simply don’t care.

photo credit: Mattel.com
photo credit: time.com

Mattel announced last week that the doll has evolved with three new body shapes: curvy, petite and tall. She will also come in seven skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles. Beauty, after all, does come in many shapes and sizes. The idea behind the revamp of Barbie’s image was to represent women in a way that is relevant to the modern woman today. Mattel needed to respond to the endless demands for Barbie to “look more like me,” and less like a “blond bombshell in stilettos,” something some moms did not appreciate in a doll for impressionable young girls.

Barbie has had many incredible professions in her 57 years (astronaut, entrepreneur, doctor), and this is a refreshing return to its roots of, “I can be anything I want to be, but still look like me, and be smart doing it!

Here is this morning’s Global TV segment where I discuss Barbie’s new body.

My take? I love it. A lot.

How about you?