Beating the November Blues

It gets dark at 4:30PM, it’s dreary, it’s windy, it’s darn right depressing. In fact, on most days in November, curling into bed at 3PM for a nap just feels like the natural thing to do. Hibernation, I think it’s called! November just ain’t one of my favorite months. I’d take peaceful white snow over the somber November days any day. I must say however, on a positive note, we are having our Indian summer now in Montreal, so I am not speaking about these past few days, but rather of November in general. Do you know that November continuously sees the highest rate of suicide out of all the months of the year? Fall also sees increased cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and others, which come out to show their ugly faces.

Beating the November Blues

So, how can we beat the November blues?

Well before I get there, I wanted to fill you in, my readers. As you all know, I have been on the fence with this H1N1 vaccine. I feel I am truly being peer pressured into the whole thing. Honestly. This is the first form of peer pressure I’ve felt since someone put a joint in my face about 18 years ago and shouted, “Try it!” Both my boys don’t have school today, so the plan after this past weekend, was to take them to be inoculated today, and then out for pizza afterwards.

But, after speaking with some other “loonies” such a myself  at a Breast Cancer charity meeting last night, I saw I wasn’t alone. And I don’t have to let myself be peer pressured into a decision. For me personally, I’m not ready to make the decision, AT THE MOMENT. I’m not saying no to the vaccine. Not at all.  I’m just taking the wait and see approach. I’ve brainwashed my husband so badly with the aluminum content in the shot, that he wouldn’t even let me take the kids today. Meanwhile, the boys are on elderberry, echinacea, Vitamins B, C and D, along with their daily multi-vitamin. I also read that after Dec 15th, the risk of swine flu will decrease substantially, and that the next 6 weeks are the prime time for the swine flu. So, as for the vaccine, maybe this weekend, or maybe next week, or maybe not at all. I’m on that fence. Don’t judge me ladies.

Now back to November blues. Before I depress you all about this month we’re in, here are some yummy things to do in November.

  • Make some great delicious homemade soup and feed it to your girlfriends, boyfriends, hubbies and kids. There’s nothing like a great bowl of soup on a yucky day. I saw Dave Lieberman of The Food Network cook for a large group of women at a luncheon, and I really enjoy his recipes. They are easy and tasty. EASY is the key word for me. Here’s a great recipe for one of my favorite soups, Butternut Squash. Here is Lieberman’s version, Butternut Squash Pear. Yum!
  • Dave Lieberman

  • Prepare for Thanksgiving in advance. Planning a party is fun! Why not throw your energy into enjoying the festivities this year? There are tons of websites that give you creative ideas on how to make your Thanksgiving dinner a hit. Check this one out,
  • Diet has a major effect on mood. Studies have connected depression with low levels of folic acid. So, if you’re not getting it from diet, at least take a supplement in November. If you want to supplement the folic acid in your diet, eat at least 2-3 meals of cold-water fish a week, some egg yolks, nuts, almonds, sweet potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, and bananas, oranges and peaches.
  • Buy a Full Spectrum Lamp. Studies show that people’s mood elevate simply by being in or around full spectrum light. Just by putting your desk near a window, you’re helping yourself during the month of November. And get outside! For a walk, to the park, for a jog, for a stroll with a coffee. Not only does the vitamin D help with the blues, it is a natural protectant against flues and viruses.
  • Plant Tulips! In fact, I decided this year, I am going to plant my own. My tulips that my gardener has planted over the years have been eaten by squirrels or something, and less and less have been coming out each year. So, I got into gardening last summer, and I’m going to try this one myself. Gonna try and get to the store today and buy some bulbs. I’ll just plant and pray.
  • And finally again, GET OUTSIDE. I beg my husband every night to go for a walk with me. He’s stuffed up in an office and car all day, and hardly ever gets any fresh air. He rarely accepts my invitation for the night walk, but I’m working on him! You should work on your partners too. I love the rosy cheeks I get from being outdoors. You can’t buy blush that good!

So ladies, have a HAPPY, CHEERFUL November month. If you have any tips on how you stay well and sunny during this dreary month, please don’t keep ’em to yourself!

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  1. I was always depressed being here in my town over the xmas holidays.December holiday being cold and quiet always gave me a bad feel. I always try to get out of here at that time. As far as the H1 N1 vaccine is conerned, I was so nervous 2 weeks back but now I like you am taking a WAIT AND SEE attitude. I will play it out and get it when I feel the need. The more people getting the shot around me the less likely I or my family will come into contact with the flu. Selfish maybe? But I would have been first in line 2 weeks ago if i was allowed to. The whole process has been wrong from the get go.

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