So, this is not a political blog. I’m pretty sure you know that by now.

But, I do have something I really want to say, so here goes…

For some, today is a day to rejoice and celebrate. Change is upon us, and Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America for the next four to possibly eight years. For others, this is a very sad and scary day.

photo credit: Pinterest
photo credit: Pinterest

No matter where you sit on the spectrum, here is what I think needs to be said:

I’m going to be perhaps au contraire and please feel free to weigh in respectfully if you disagree (I’m also Canadian, as you might know). Last night, celebs and others were protesting outside of Trump Tower in New York City during Donald Trump’s inaugural concert. Protesting ideas and policies, I have no problem with (of course if done peacefully). I’m talking more about the people who are still protesting Donald Trump as President. Guys– he’s already been voted in. If we dislike him and his ideas so much, shouldn’t we now spend our energy trying to HELP HIM make effective strategic decisions for the Country? Protesting now is like crying over spilled milk. At this point in time, I think protests further divide America. The results are in. We are where we are. Everyone wants a great America, and I think influencers should be spending their time and resources helping Donald Trump instead of trying to break him down. Help him. Encourage him to make just decisions.

The best thing I have seen so far which demonstrates my point is this:

I saw another quote this morning by Tom Hanks, which also illustrates my point: “I hope Trump does so well that I vote for his re-election!” What American who truly loves their country would want Trump to fail? This doesn’t make you a Trump supporter, it just makes you a patriotic American who cares about the country you live in.

I have no issue with people debating issues and questioning choices he makes. It’s our right to do so! We should continue to do so. But protesting him as President? Totally a waste of time.

Contesting and protesting creates a divisive America. Giving someone a chance and working together is unity. This concept goes beyond politics, and that is why I blogged about it today. It kind of reminds me of one of my other favorite quotes: “Why not promote what you love instead of bash what you hate?” 

I’m not downplaying the harsh fact that Donald Trump has zero government or military experience, believe me, that scares the daylights out of me. If I were an American citizen, and I’m being honest, I would not have voted for him. What I am saying is, let’s see what he does. Let’s at least give him a chance. Let’s channel optimistic energy today, on day one, instead of hate. Let’s just see…

What do you think? Enlighten me.