Getting Yourself Out Of A Funky Rut

I’ll never forget how I soaked up, How Stella Got Her Groove Back. I went to the movie with a girlfriend when it first came out, and for us, it was two hours of bliss. The premise: a gorgeous burned-out forty-something woman reignites her fire by running away to Jamaica and finding a bedmate half her age. Now obviously, this is not what I would suggest for all women in a funk! It’s maybe a little… well… unrealistic. But you have written in ladies. Many of you are running around from work, to meetings, chasing your kids, trying to find the time and energy to reconnect with your husbands, and the daily grind has taken its toll. You’re feeling in a rut. Maybe it’s the November Blues. Maybe you need to change up your routine. Maybe you just need some good sleep. Maybe it’s something a little more serious. I read something online this weekend that was catchy and rings true, “Things have gotten a little funky for me, and the longer it stays, the funkier it gets.”