Bloggin’ Break

Bloggin' Break

It’s that time of year again- next week, my boys have their February school winter break, and that means full-blown family time. And because family comes first before all else, I’ll be taking a blogging break for a week and giving my kids my undivided love, attention and energy.

I AM known to check in once or twice, so, check back if you will, will ya?

And finally, because I will not be encouraging you to ‘get off the fence’ in one area or another next week, I leave you with something worth 1 minute of your time. With Friday upon us, and the weekend to begin to plan, let this be your nudge off the fence. If you have been sitting stuck and immobile, let this be your reminder to make a move. To take a calculated risk, no matter how small.

The best fruit is always out on a limb.

See you soon,


  1. Enjoy Your Break, in the meantime I will be sweating (‘to the Oldies’) as I prepare for my blogging DEBUT. I have no idea why this terrifies me considered I’ve already been published over 200 times? I know the answer to that…THIS TIME…ITS PERSONAL???!!! EEK….xo

    1. You’re gettin’ off the fence girl!! Love that. Put YOU into your blog- be authentic, candid, honest and teach. You’ll be fine. Can’t wait to read!

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