Dealing With Difficult In-Laws


Welcome back, ladies! Today is a good day. It was a clean sweep for my Montreal Canadiens last night who beat Tampa Bay in four straight games to proceed to Round 2 of the playoffs, AND my boys went back to school this morning. This is me happy dancing! Hallelujah on both fronts.

I started Hump Day off with my weekly parenting segment on Global TV. Today we chatted Monster Mother In-Laws. If you are currently dealing with Jane Fonda as your Monster-In-Law, I shared some tips and strategies.

Direct link to segment:

But I would love to know, and feel free to comment anonymously (to spare your own murder), do you struggle with difficult in-laws? What have been your tactics in dealing with this? Are you on the fence with how to cope with overbearing or crude in-laws? Please share below. What are YOUR best tips and tactics in dealing with this issue?


  1. Great segment and tips. I’m lucky like you to have good in laws. I try and remember that their opinion comes from a place of love (even if it annoys me sometimes). I enjoy your blogs.

  2. I have in laws who drive me up a wall. My husband always defends them which drives me crazy too but I know secretly they annoy him also. No advice here.

  3. Luckily for me my inlaws live really far away. The only problem is when they come to visit they want to stay a long time. I’m trying to come up with some creative ways to discourage long visits.

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