Happy Wednesday, ladies!

I started Hump Day off with my weekly parenting segment on Global TV. Today we chatted Monster Mother In-Laws. If you are currently dealing with Jane Fonda as your Monster-In-Law, I shared some tips and strategies.

All jokes aside, if you struggle with difficult in laws, please tune into today’s segment for tips on how to establish peace in the home.

Direct link to segment: http://globalnews.ca/video/2664806/making-peace-with-your-in-laws


Remember, your goal must be peace in the home. Peace between you and your mate. Letting the “in laws from hell” cause friction in your marriage ain’t worth it.

I can honestly say I am grateful and blessed in this department. I do thank my lucky stars.

But I would love to know, and feel free to comment anonymously (to spare your own murder), do you struggle with difficult in-laws? What have been your tactics in dealing with this? Are you on the fence with how to cope with overbearing or crude in-laws? Please share below. What are YOUR best tips and tactics in dealing with this issue?