Spring is around the corner! Springtime is when I get busy in my kitchen, office and closets and get organized. Spring Cleaning is wonderful. Gotta clean up, ladies!


If you’re looking to start spring cleaning, allow me to help. Microsoft Office 365 has been helping me spring clean my life for almost two decades. So if you’re ready to get started, allow me to make some fun suggestions:


Firstly, let me be the first to tell you that I am now using OneNote on my Mac! Yes, you can now use OneNote on all the platforms you love including PC, Mac, Windows Tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android and Web (phew!) Office is also offering a freemium version for these platforms—so even if you don’t have an Office 365 subscription, you can enjoy OneNote anywhere and everywhere. Before I get to OneNote and spring cleaning, let me tell you about some cool new features Microsoft announced yesterday, which are now available on all OneNote platforms:

  • The new web clipper lets you quickly save web pages to your OneNote notebook.
  • The new [email protected] service lets you email notes directly to your notebook.
  • The cool new technology Office Lens lets you capture documents and whiteboards with ease using your phone. It even flattens the image (even if taken at an angle) so it’s easier to read, and makes the text searchable so you can find it later!
  • Send blogs and news articles directly to OneNote from services you love like Feedly,Weave, and News360.
  • Create rules that easily connect things to OneNote via IFTTT.  Think rules like, “Autosave all your Instagram photos to your OneNote” or “send all tweet responses to OneNote.”
  • Scan documents to OneNote with BrotherDoxie GoEpson and Neat. We’ve also united with apps like Genius Scan and JotNot for mobile scanning as well.
  • Take notes on paper using the Livescribe smart pen, and send them directly to OneNote!

Awesome, right?

So how will I be using OneNote for spring cleaning? Well, I will be transferring my invoices, receipts and all paper business expenses right into OneNote. This makes my life super easy for preparing my taxes this year. Also, Office 365‘s tracker for charitable donations is also super helpful for taxes preparation. It’s a total digital Spring Clean with OneNote.

You can also organize your office by digitizing your kid’s documents & artwork in OneNote

  • If you have kids, you know they often create quite the paper trail. Things like report cards, medical histories, basketball schedules and school calendars can pile up on your kitchen counter or desk and be hard to find when you need them most. Use OneNote to organize these documents in searchable, organized tabs. The perfect spring cleanse!
  • Does it break your heart to get rid of that turkey day painting or macaroni art? Do you have boxes of artwork and craft projects in your office or in storage? De-clutter by taking pictures of or scanning the art and storing it in OneNote. You can keep the physical pieces that are most important, and have digital copies of the rest! You can then access and share your stuff on-the-go with OneNote Online and OneDrive. I’m totally doing this!!

I’ve also been building quite the list of cooking recipes in OneNote. This OneNote recipe book template is the perfect place to organize your spring recipes and get them out of your paper cookbook, and have them completely digitized. If you don’t believe how comprehensive OneNote is for recipe taking, take a look! And read more below on Office Templates too!



Office templates help you get organized for Spring

Check out what Office Templates can do for you.

  • Scan and save your recipes and organize them using this Recipe Tracker, or customizable OneNote recipe book. You’ll never have to dig through that pile of old recipes again, and thanks to OneDrive and Office Online, if a friend asks you for your famous lemon bar recipe, you’ll always have it in the cloud!
  • Weekly Chore List & Weekly Chore Schedule– Use this schedule and list to keep you on track with daily and weekly chores; so you are never drowning in laundry or spending hours cleaning your house again!
  • To Do List– Make a list, and check things off; it’s that easy! We all know it’s not, but let Microsoft help you get that list started. Before you know it you will be checking things off and finding time to sit in a hammock with your favorite book, in no time. We can dream, right?
  • Vacation Items Checklist– Get you and your family organized for all your travel plans this Spring.


Clean Up Your Digital Closet with Outlook.com

The first day of spring is March 20th, and it’s the perfect time to clean up your digital closet using Outlook.com.

Use the five tips below from the Outlook.com team to find the one thing we ALL dream of finding…#InboxZen.



Outlook 365

All my kids’ spring activities will be entered in Outlook and synced with my husband’s calendar so we both know when each boy has spring hockey, tennis or baseball! My contacts are there, my tasks are there, and my emails are all organized. Without Outlook, I simply couldn’t run my busy working mom life. And everything is housed in one simple but powerful program.



I invite you to try Microsoft Office 365 today. You will notice the difference immediately. Happy Spring Cleaning ladies!


 Disclosure: I’m proud to be a paid Microsoft Office Brand Ambassador. All opinions are my own.