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Mental Health Monday

Mental Health Monday

I’ve got to be honest. I still cannot stop thinking about the deaths of entrepreneuress Kate Spade followed by the very gifted storyteller, Anthony Bourdain.

I keep asking myself, What is the bigger picture here?

I read this tweet on Twitter, “I just hate the fad vibe of all this. Depression and suicide was just as prevalent yesterday, last week and last year. Why does it always take some celebrity dying, before people really start acknowledging this stuff? Worst part is people will forget again within a week or so.”

And I answered, “I kind of feel the same. And the same goes for gun control– it takes a school shooting to shine the light, but then we forgot ’till the next one. But I am hopeful there are some good people out there fighting the good fight to create change.”

Celebrating Motherhood

Celebrating Motherhood

This is our 9th Mother’s Day together on I have paid tribute to my incredible mother and mother-in law and to my two beautiful sons (that I owe my mother title to). I have also paid tribute to the many stories of mothers who have endured and overcome, who have experienced tragedy and triumph, and who have come out on the other side with grace and resilience.

For this year’s post, I have decided to pay tribute to women everywhere, and merge Mental Health Awareness Week with Mother’s Day.

So, let’s start with mental health awareness, shall we?

Here is a photo of my health and wellness panel from last weekend’s I Am: A Conference For Her.

This week especially, during #MentalHealthAwareness week, it felt relevant to stop and pause and do a few things: