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4 Ways To Help Fight Stress and Anxiety on #StressAwarenessDay

It’s fun to watch this old Global TV segment when I was just a new yoga instructor, and I brought it back today in honor of International Stress Awareness Day!

As a Certified Life Coach and Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, I’m most interested in yoga for stress and anxiety. In this video, I shared four yoga poses that are proven to reduce anxiety and stress. They are for a zen mommy, but really, they are for everyone. I hope you try them. Speak to your doctor first. They help me.

And for your reference, I wrote the yoga poses out for you if you want to try them at home.

Vitality Morning Flow Yoga Class for COVID-19 Wellness

If you missed Monday morning’s LIVE vitality flow yoga class, here is the 30-minute class which is a nice morning practice designed to strengthen your body and calm your mind. It is the perfect COVID-19 wellness booster.

This practice is a little more dynamic, but I still provide options to either intensify or modify the poses for your level. You will need a yoga mat (or beach towel), and if you have a set of yoga blocks, you can use them, otherwise no blocks are required.

Zen Flow Yoga Class Online (30-Minute)

If you missed today’s Instagram live yoga class, here is the 30-minute Zen Flow Yoga Class Online. All levels welcome. Grab your partner, your kids, and join along in moving your body to breath. You will need a yoga mat (or beach towel).

The playlist that accompanies this class: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7sFvGXAcpmeerlj2J14hhr?si=J4wGxYftTF25rtn08xCOrw

Happy practicing this weekend. Harvard medical school is recommending yoga to deal with COVID-19 anxiety. Stay well. Self-care is pertinent.

Yoga, Life Coaching and My Debut on The Today Show

Sit back, relax and grab a cup green tea… it’s Transformation Tuesday!

I am still feeling very fortunate that both my worlds of life coaching and yoga collided this past Friday on The Today Show with Megan Kelly. My mandate? To teach Megan, her audience, and America, yoga poses specifically for stress management and a more zen you. Taught from the place of a modern yoga teacher AND life coach showing you different poses you can flow through and breathe through to a calmer you… I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Megan and her team were delightful, and our audience was totally game when I challenged them to TREE POSE!

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