By Guest Blogger Angela Giles

Do you ever feel like your pursuit of your “dream career as an entrepreneur” is just a big, fat waste of time?  That no matter what you do, what path you take, there always seems to be a roadblock in the way?  And it seems almost pointless to try harder, or even think about it?

Is having a successful career as an entrepreneur just a fairy tale like those you were told as a child?

You aren’t alone.  From time to time, almost every woman I know who has that entrepreneurial itch has felt like that.

Heck, I know I’ve felt that way, even during one of the highest “career” moments of my life.  I had a job in an office working 60 hours per week, making six figures, drove a shiny Mercedes, with a baby and a husband at home that I never saw.  We owned several rental properties and were doing quite well for ourselves… but I HATED it!  I wanted to be home with my babies, on my computer, talking to people.

Basically, I wanted to follow my dream of being an entrepreneur, but I was desperately afraid of pursuing that fairy tale.  And here is why: I was afraid of losing the income and job security, going out on my own with no one to blame for success or failure but myself, and losing my identity of having already achieved something (even though I didn’t like it).

However, one day I came home and my two-year-old told me for the umpteenth time that I was an “icky mommy” because he never saw me, and it hit me over the head like a ton of bricks. I realized right then and there that I wanted a “lifestyle career,” no matter what the consequence.

So what did that look like for me?

  • Working from home on my computer, connected to people around the globe.
  • Less formal structure so I can free-flow.
  • The ability to travel anywhere on a moment’s notice.
  • Simple but functional material items in my home, car, and belongings – which translates into less clutter.
  • A loving husband who helps me in every aspect of our combined life.
  • Chocolate, a clean kitchen, 2 pets and 3 kids.

It took me almost a year and a half to quit my old lifestyle because I had so much fear.  However, once I made the choice, I quit that lifestyle and actually started living my passion! Oh yes I did.

Did the money come in right away?  Hell no!  Only because it took me a while to let go of SOCIETY’S expectations and learn to live within MY OWN realm of free flowing and not being stuck.  Then life changed – I began blogging, got involved with and everything began flowing the way it was supposed to. I was living my passion.

If you are looking to transition to your dream profession of being an entrepreneur then follow these steps to success:

  1. Take inventory of your life.   What areas of your life do you hate or think need to be changed – and what do you love to do?
  2. Look at all those areas and do an analysis of them.  Is there something about those areas of your life that you can turn into an entrepreneurial profession?  Hint:  My messy closet was my inspiration.  I think inside my closet.  I love my messy closet because it makes me feel at home.  I can walk in there, breathe, and walk out with a new topic to blog about (which is perfect since I chose a career in blogging).  So my messy closet stays messy no matter what any well-meaning person has to say about it.
  3. Embrace every aspect of your life.  You will never be perfect or live up to society’s expectations.  Why not start setting your own expectations based on what you are good at doing?  For example, if you are a control freak and love managing money, consider working from home as a day trader or money-manager.  Instead of berating yourself about being a control freak, embrace it, make money from it, and gleam satisfaction from it! Turn your talents into your dream career.
  4. Think outside the box for solutions to advancing your entrepreneurial dream career.  If you feel like you are stuck in your situation, you are never stuck.  You can do whatever you want to do.  The only time you’re stuck is when you allow yourself and everyone else to tell you that you are. The key to action and success, is taking that first step, no matter how small.
  5. Connect with a top-notch mentor to help you evaluate areas of your life and find solutions for increasing your wealth. Remember, when reaching out to a mentor, it’s important to make yourself accessible to THEIR schedule.
  6. Keep chocolate on hand for emergencies. It helps every time. 😉

In order to live your own fairy tale, you must realize your time is now.  Embrace every aspect of your entrepreneurial self, and put it to work for you– for there is no more fulfilling feeling than to do life your own way, on your own terms.

About Angela Giles

Angela Giles is the Co-founder of, the #1 resource for 70+ million working women. Angela and her business partner, Suzanne Duret, bring vastly different business experiences and lifestyles to the table. Together they are changing lives by helping entrepreneurial-minded women to thrive in all areas of business and life. Visit their site to receive free success tools, edutainment videos and more.

Tell us, can you relate to giving up a high-powered career in exchange for more flexibility, being closer to your children, and an overall better quality of life? Have you ever dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur? It’s not for everyone– there definitely is something to be said for that steady paycheck, job security, and sleeping at night without the weight of the world on your shoulders. That is where I sit on the fence. Entrepreneurial life is tough. Very tough. Would love your thoughts.