Why It’s Good To Fail (VIDEO)

I have just come off of a great run of speaking engagements from the past few weeks. Most recently, this weekend I was the closing Keynote Speaker for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference in Saskatchewan, and yesterday, I spoke at the famous 140 / State of Now Conference (Social Media Twitter Conference that travels around the world). My topic: Why it’s Good To Fail.

I encourage you to watch my talk. It is only 10 minutes.

Watch Via YouTube (recently added):

Watch via original LiveStream:

Have you ever failed?

No one likes to talk about failure, but what I know as truth, is that it’s a prerequisite for success. It’s homework for living.

Why It's Good To Fail (VIDEO)


  1. Erica I love your style and your honesty. Great talk. Congratulations! I always say if you’re not failing you’re not doing anything good.

  2. Amazing talk and congrats on making the list of 50 Awesome Women Entrepreneurs on Twitter. I saw it on SheBrand. You rock!

  3. ok, dying that you made fake business cards to get in the convention. That’s awesome. I’m sure you walked in like you totally belong there, and nobody questioned you. That’s how it works, if you believe you belong there, they do too and they don’t question you!

    And that email from that guy, hilarious. Each day I am surprised with how many trolls there are on the internet. It’s actually really sad, actually So many miz people out there.

    Great video watched the whole thing!!

    1. Yes Kathryn, they were only fake cuz I was day 1 of my new business! I hadn’t even figured out the company name to register! LOL! I just knew my idea, and I ran with it!

      As I said, haters keep us grounded. They keep things real. Always can learn them. 😉

  4. Thank you for posting your insightful speech. Your words reminded me of Winston Churchill’s statement that “Success consists of going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.”

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