Wordless Wednesday: Filters and Facades

I saw these on Instagram this week, and at first, they made me chuckle because they are in fact funny.

photo credit: instagram
photo credit: instagram

But then at second glance, they made me think of something more profound. Something deeper. Something more serious, and more real going on.

I also saw an ad that popped up for me yesterday on Facebook. An ad for a filter app called FACIE. How perfect for our narcissistic selfie obsessed society?


And here are your cold, hard facts. Scientific based evidence, girlies:

Facebook has officially been found to cause low selfesteem in young women.

This study merely confirms research done in Sweden three years prior. Out of 1000 participants, it was found that the more they used Facebook, the worse they felt about themselves – especially if they were female.

photo credit: https://advocateglobalhealth.files.wordpress.com
photo credit: https://advocateglobalhealth.files.wordpress.com

So, I ask you about FILTERS AND FACADES, as I named our post today:

Photo credit: http://img.pandawhale.com
Photo credit: http://img.pandawhale.com

Should filters and photoshop be considered sharing a lie? Is posting only our highlight real dangerous? Should we actually share TMI (too much information), and share our dirty laundry too, thereby sharing not only our highlight reel, but our bad and ugly truth as well? I really would love to hear your thoughts.

Please chime in.


  1. I agree. Tmi. I really am not interested what kind of car was bought,what resto they are currently in, or what hotel my fb friends are staying in. If it was that important or interesting my “friend” can call me and we can discuss between us. I do not need to be part of a group announcement. It’s time we take a step back and look at what’s really relevant to everyone else.

  2. Great topic and post. I think we all use filters and put up some sort of facade for the public to protect ourselves. Is that a lie? I’m not sure.

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