I told you last week I was given an award for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Leadership’ for my volunteer work in my community. Here is a memory of that night.

I have been a volunteer for numerous organizations since the age of 18. I taught the elderly how to exercise in wheelchairs. I volunteered for years (up until I got pregnant) in the Emergency Department at the local hospital, bringing warm blankets to patients, or showing a fearful wife whose husband just had a heart attack, what room she can find him in. I have organized business cocktails, women’s luncheon’s, galas, mentored entrepreneurs, and worked with mentally ill children in the psychiatric ward at the hospital.

I volunteer not because I get paid, or patted on the back. But because every time I serve a hot meal in the local soup kitchen, or honor a young entrepreneur, I feel proud to give back. I feel honored to be making a difference is someone’s life, no matter how small of a difference that might be.

I heard this quote last week, and I will leave it again for all the volunteers out there who do the work without acknowledgement or accolades.

Volunteers are not paid; not because we are worthless, but because we are priceless.”

Perhaps this post will even inspire you to pick up the phone, and give a few hours of your time to something worthwhile. 

Happy Hump Day,