So, I know you’re probably wondering, what does THIS have to do with getting off the fence? And the truth is, it doesn’t. But when you’ve never won anything in your life, I mean ANYTHING (other than a subscription to Teen Beat magazine, which at 11, was better than winning the lotto), it’s cause for excitement!


I was at Global TV this morning doing my weekly lifestyle and parenting segment, and our producer asked me if I had heard about U2‘s announcement yesterday (she knows I love music). “What announcement?” I asked her. “You didn’t hear?” she asked. “To launch their newest album, U2 has put their entire album, FOR FREE, in the iTunes account of something like 5 million random people around the world!”

I thought that was such a brilliant marketing move.


And then Gloria told me to go ahead check my iTunes account.

Why would I check? I never win ANYTHING.

But for shits and giggles, I checked.

I nearly fell off my chair.


THERE SHE WAS!!! In my RECENTLY ADDED folder, was the explicit version (no less) of Anaconda by Nicki Minaj (my boys’ favorite song now), and the entire U2 album, for free!

So, we’re not off the fence with this one, but we’re just like…

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UPDATE 6pm: Thank you to my KIND readers who emailed me privately instead of publicly shaming me. Turns out EVERYONE on iTunes got the free album.

You see? I never win anything after all. 😉