You Know You’re a Geezer (and Maybe a Cougar) When…

You Know You’re a Geezer (and Maybe a Cougar) When…

We’re goin’ light today, m’ladies! I have a cute story. Sooooo, I was in the green room this past Wednesday morning waiting for my weekly parenting segment on Global TV to start. Sitting in the room with me, was a familiar face. Familiar because I see him every Wednesday morning, usually in sweats and a sweatshirt, always waiting for his segment to begin too. He is one of the fitness experts on the new morning show. My segment is always Wednesdays at 8:40am, and his is always before mine, around 8:15am. He’s always polite when I walk in. Says hello and then doesn’t ever say another word. I say hello and never utter another word either. I’m too busy going over my segment notes to make sure I don’t forget any of my tips.

Anyhooooo, I am in the green room re-reading my script as usual, and of course the show is on in the room so you can watch while you wait. As I’m going over my notes, I hear the host say something about Marc (didn’t know that was his name), and something to the effect that he has 150,000 Facebook fans. Wow, you all know this is my world. I am heavily immersed in the online and social media world, so it got me very curious. Who is this guy in my own city who has 150,000 Facebook fans?

I looked to the Global TV Twitter stream, because they usually tweet the guests there. And yes, his name was in their Twitter stream. Marc Fitt. Okay, no clue who Marc Fitt is. I know I see him every week and don’t really notice anything other than English is clearly not his first language. And well, okay, I’ll give you that he’s cute in a BOYISH way. A VERY VERY YOUNG WAY.

So, while he is in-studio doing his fitness shpiel, I click on his Twitter profile from the Global stream. HOLD YOUR BREATH LADIES…. This is what comes up.

You Know You’re a Geezer (and Maybe a Cougar) When…

Holy shit! REALLY?! I sit next to this guy every week and I don’t even notice this? I suddenly get sweaty because he is clearly an Adonis!  I might be married for almost 15 years but I’m not DEAD! So, he comes back in after his five minutes are up and I can’t even look at him. I’m embarrassed. I feel like I’ve seen him in an unprofessional manner. I also feel OLD OLD OLD. But now I actually do notice his handsome face and muscles hiding underneath his clothes. I text my husband his picture and tell him that this guy Marc is with me every week at the show. He’s like, “Yah so?” Okay, maybe a little over-share and threatening, but I am as honest and open as it gets, so….

ALL THIS TO SAY, I’m not quite sure when it happens. What’s IT? You know what IT is. Does it happen at 35, 40, 45 years old, when you FEEL like you’re 19, but you are clearly not? You FEEL young and vibrant, but the mirror doesn’t lie. The mirror starts to show your wrinkles. You stop passing the boob and and butt pencil test, and things start to move south. You realize you are a BUBBY next to kids like this. The IT represents a shift.

So, as Marc Fitt left, I laughed to myself, and I tell ya, I will never look at this guy the same way again. I am seriously scarred! But, it was a good laugh. And I still wouldn’t trade my wrinkles for anything – they show a life lived with laughter (and albeit stress), but they show that I have truly LIVED. I find that when you embrace your age, instead of fight your age, it feels like a lighter load to carry, does that make sense? It feels liberating. I embraced my cellulite, my Jewish nose, and I’ve got nothing to prove anymore. And it feels great.

So, no OFF THE FENCE tips today. Just wondering if you’ve ever experienced something that really made you feel your age. And if you have embraced the again process, or continually fight it to its death. It is kind of an ON THE FENCE topic. 😉

PS – Here is that parenting segment  –Staycation Ideas, since many are going on Spring Break. Amazing that I could concentrate after the green room encounter. 😉

Happy weekend ladies!

You Know You’re a Geezer (and Maybe a Cougar) When…

  1. Cougar?! Really? Were you on “the hunt”? A very demeaning term for women “preying” on younger men, besides from the post, it doesn’t even look like the term applies. However, a couple of years ago, hanging around with some early 20-somethings, I had that light-blub moment when I realized that I was officially “old.” 😉

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