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The FREE Self-Care Masterclass: Your Personalized 4-Step Well-Being Roadmap for Busy Women With Real Life Schedules

Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

The FREE Self-Care Masterclass: Your Personalized 4-Step Well-Being Roadmap for Busy Women With Real Life Schedules

Month: June 2016

July Blogging Slowdown

Girls, I am taking my annual 4-week July blogging break. I do this every year for my mental wellbeing, and for the quality of this blog. It is my gift to myself. It is not easy to continuously keep things fresh, relevant and interesting, so every July, I rest my blogging brain to come back recharged, refreshed, and ready to give you more.

Over the next four weeks, I will be working, relaxing and traveling. My kids leave today for camp, and I want to take in the last moments before they go.

How a Self-Portrait Changed My Life

There was a time when I was feeling drained, depleted, small, powerless, isolated and unhappy with myself.

But then I took a self-portrait. And the person I came face to face with was a strong, powerful, capable, brave, beautiful, successful woman. I couldn’t believe she was me.

“That one photograph opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

That photograph opened my eyes to a whole new world. That photograph awakened something in my soul and led me to my journey of self-realization.

Make It One More For The Road

This morning, on a rainy Wednesday morning in June, I had my last weekly TV segment with Camille Ross. Let’s just say I cry during Hallmark commercials, so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep it together.

Camille and I met after we auditioned 3 1/3 years ago, and got the jobs on a brand new morning show on Global TV. Camille as the co-host, me as the weekly lifestyle and parenting correspondent. We became instant friends, and I think viewers at home could feel our true chemistry.

In honor of Camille’s departure to London Ontario to move with her new husband, we created a trip down memory lane this morning and our favorite tv moments together from the past 3 1/2 years each and every week.

Summer Travel Tips With Kids

Traveling during peak summer times can be frustrating: the lines are long, the planes are crowded, and it all can make for an uneasy travel experience.

As a mom of two boys, aged 12 and 9, I can appreciate how traveling with young children can feel overwhelming. My boys have surprisingly become wonderful travelers. Whether we’re flying to visit family, or driving on a road trip, they are generally cooperative and eager to behave.

5 Hot Summer Fashion Trends

Summer is officially here, and so is summer fashion!


It’s no secret that I am the LE CHÂTEAU Brand Ambassador, wearing their amazing, stylish clothes, shoes, coats and accessories pretty much everywhere I go, for both work and play.

Scheduling “Date Nights”

People always say that you never really know what goes on behind closed doors, which always makes you wonder– what goes on behind closed doors in the average marriage? It makes you question whether things in your own relationship are “normal.” I think one of the biggest questions is, “how often do most married couples have sex?”

At first I questioned whether or not I should just dive right into this topic, but then I thought a few things: (1) a healthy marriage is so fundamental to the happiness of the rest of my life (and the whole family), (2) most of us find that time with our spouse slips on the priority list and often takes a backseat to more practical, everyday life tasks, and (3) my husband wanted to write an entire book entitled “Monday, Wednesday & Saturday” (or it could be “Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday – depending upon that season’s TV line-up) because he thinks our scheduled “date nights” are so great.

Great Summer Reads for Women!

On last week’s Global TV segment, I shared eight great summer reads. In the fall, I had included something for every woman: fiction, non-fiction, laugh-out-loud funny, witty, heartwarming, and a heart-pounding thriller. For the summer though, I kept it a little lighter. We don’t have to be serious ALL THE TIME. 😉 Sometimes it’s okay for Calgon to take us away.

Here is the segment on some great summer reads. As you can see, I also highly suggest you see the movie Joy. How incredible… 😉


“After the conviction of Stanford rapistalready been shortened to only four months) and the haunting letter his victim read to him in court, the social media sphere has been rife with conversations about how sexual assault is handled terribly in the U.S.

SHE SAID, SHE SAID: A Women’s Luncheon in Montreal

Hi Girls,

I normally don’t share events in advance on this blog (only afterwards once I have learning to share with you), but I wanted to get you before you missed it.

For my Montreal women, I am giving a Work Life Balance Lunch and Learn with fellow entrepreneur and life coach Sonia Zarbatany.

This will be a candid, honest conversation with tips and takeaways.

If you’re a woman in Montreal, come join the modern conversation on work life balance and dancing thought the chaos at SHE SAID SHE SAID on June 15th at Ogilvy in Montreal. We’re sharing our best tips and strategies as two certified life coaches, entrepreneurs and mothers. This is a women’s philanthropy event through Federation CJA.

It’s time to spring clean your time, energy & mindset!

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