This Morning’s Global TV Parenting segment was on a topic many of us can relate to right now – holiday shopping! It is a very stressful time for most– both financially, as well as finding the time to get it all done on time. Today I shared 5 hot holiday shopping and budget apps which will hopefully take some of the stress off.

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These apps are powerful and can help you save time, money and your strength.

I have expanded below…

1. BuyVia

This app is a great bet for ELECTRONIC OR TECH GADGETS you want to buy this holiday season. BuyVia compares prices at national and local outlets and lets you set up alerts for products – when your favorite products fall in price, you are alerted! There are also amazing local coupons on this app! At a store and unsure if the price on the shelf is the lowest you can find? Use the UPC barcode scanner to get an answer on the spot!! BuyVia also has reviews, so if you like a product and are wondering what others think about it, that feature is handy. The app also recommends who it would make a good gift for and how they can use it.

2. ShopSavvy 

Another amazing app to compare the price of one item at several different stores in your area. With over 22 million products in its system, this app keeps you covered for holiday shopping! Wonder if you’re about the get the best deal on that camera? Scan the bar code with your phone and compare!! It will give you the closest retailer with the best price and get you there via GPS! A very cool app for holiday shopping!

3. The Christmas List

The Christmas List app makes it easy to create lists for everyone you need to buy for and then create your budget and track your overall spending. Anyone looking to get a handle both on what they buy and how much they spend this holiday season should download this app. What is great, is it keeps track of your budget, your spending against your budget, AND purchases for those you need to buy for. A very popular app this holiday season for moms.

4. RedLaser 

One of the original barcode scanners and still one of the best – it’s almost impossible to come up with a product it can’t find! RedLaser is for the deal-lover in you! Scan a product’s barcode to check and compare prices both online and in retail stores near you and clip coupons. If that’s not enough, you can get a food product’s nutritional information and allergen facts, see if a book is available in your local library, read reviews of electronics and games, or send yourself a barcode as an email attachment so you can check it out later. Purchases are easy with RedLaser, which can deliver them to your home or a select retailer for you to pick up.

5. Wanelo 

If you have no idea what to buy for the people on your list and don’t have a lot of time to go out and shop, Wanelo (Want, Need, Love) gives you a constant stream of products for sale online. You can order the goods as you see them, or you can save products to your profile to buy later.

I’d love to hear, what are some of your favorite holiday apps?! Have you started holiday shopping yet? I’d love to know what’s on your list! I am jonesing for a high-quality wireless speaker system to play my music in the kitchen. Yup. I’d like that.