Being alone.

How comfortable are you at being alone?

When was the last time you went to see a movie alone? When was the last time you went to a cafe, brought a book or magazine, bought a tea or coffee, and sat and read quietly? When was the last time you brought your gorgeous self over to a bistro for lunch, treated yourself to a glass of something yummy, and ate a delicious meal, alone?

Those of you who live in Montreal can often spot me anywhere ALONE. I shop alone. I often eat alone. I can peruse through a library or bookstore for two hours alone. I like to take my own car everywhere I go. I like to be able to slide out the back door if something bores me. I like moving at my own pace… which on some days is snail-pace, and on other days, is catch-me-if-you-can pace. I guess you could say I’m a loner, despite being an outgoing extrovert. And despite having many wonderful girlfriends.

But I know from experience that being alone can be wonderful. I can tell you from experience, every smart decision I have ever made, has come to me while being alone.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that there is only ONE PERSON in this world who has all the answers to your questions. That person is YOU. And you will discover those answers to your questions if you learn to be alone and spend the time.

I’d like to challenge you to something today. As I give my coaching clients homework, I would like to give YOU homework for this week. I’d like you to pencil ONE HOUR alone with yourself between now and Sunday. No cell phones, no friends, no distractions. Do whatever it is, you like to do. Take a walk in the park, go to the bookstore with a coffee, lay on your bed and listen to soft music. Whatever. One hour to FULLY disconnect. I hope you come to make some good decisions, on your own.

Get comfortable getting to really know yourself. I encourage you to reach out to me either in the comments below or via email and let me know how you made out.

Here I am alone now at my happy place. The summer 1001 Pots exhibit.

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Erica Diamond


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