Meatless Monday is a social media ritual we have never partaken in. Why? WomenOnTheFence® is not a cooking blog, and if you follow me in social media, you probably know about my two left feet in the kitchen. Buttttttt, when I tweeted out a picture of dinner last week, you went all, “SHARE THE RECIPE” on me. Let me start by saying: It just never happens. No one EVER asks me for my recipe. Business advice? Yah. Lifestyle and coaching advice? Yah. Social Media advice? Yah. Cooking advice? NEVER.

So, today I will honor that special occasion of someone asking ME for a recipe. Here you are. I will hashtag it #iMadeThis. Here was the finished product that got you all excited.


And here it is. Drumroll please…. The Recipe.

From, Miss Useless in the Kitchen.

Vegetarian Pasta

Olive oil in a hot pan.
Sauté fresh garlic.
Then throw in mushrooms and fresh cherry tomatoes.
Salt & pepper
Oregano, Fresh Basil and Arugula
Toasted pine nuts
About 10 minutes
Then throw in fettuccine / angel hair al-dente pasta
Stir all together

I’m trying to up my game in the kitchen, so if you have any recipes to share, I’m all ears! WE’RE all ears! Please share ’em with our community here.