A brand new year, means a brand new start. For those looking to make resolutions and goals stick, now is a perfect time to create those goals, and put your plan into action. And thanks to cool apps out there like Microsoft Office, you can even make a DIGITAL vision board! And as most of you know, I’m super proud to be their Brand Ambassador.

For many, the new year is a chance to reflect on the past, and improve on the year ahead. Whether it’s staying fit, being more productive or spending more time with friends and family, Microsoft Office has rounded up the following tips and tricks to help you act on 2015 resolutions and get off on the right foot.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Just in time for the New Year, Microsoft has launched their first fitness tracker, the Microsoft Band on the Microsoft Health Platform. It’s the perfect tool to help you maintain your healthy resolutions.

Microsoft Health is a new service that helps you live healthier by providing actionable insights based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day. It’s designed to work for you, no matter what phone you have, device you wear, or services you use. Microsoft Health makes tracking personal fitness easier, more insightful, and more holistic.

Very cool stuff.

Be Productive and Get Organized


Cortana is the essential tool for bringing more productivity to your life. Whether you’re launching a new business or looking to spend less time on everyday tasks, Cortana acts as your personal assistant, so you can focus on what’s important. You can even have Cortana save notes right to your OneNote notebook using your Windows Phone.

We can all use a digital personal assistant, and Cortana is it, ladies!

Stay Connected (and don’t skip the workout!)


With Skype video calling on your iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet or laptop, you can now work out with a trainer from the convenience of your hotel room, home! No matter where you go in 2015, Skype can go with you and ensure you keep up your fitness routine. In fact, there has been an increase in the number of trainers now offering their services via Skype video call, such as self-proclaimed Virtual Personal Trainer, Marc Thompson, who can easily help you with your workout routine, no matter your location!

“Today, seventy-five percent of my personal training happens over Skype video, and I hope to get it to 100 percent,” says Marc. “I started training this way four years ago. I’m a single dad, and I really needed to find a way to work that allowed me more time at home.”

That’s cool!

Chase Your Dreams Using a Digital Vision Board


Turn OneNote into your very own digital vision board. Simply open up a new note in OneNote, grab the images that represent what you wish to manifest into your life in 2015 (either online or from your own camera), and start building your digital vision board you can revisit anytime you like! Keep your eye on the prize.

Thanks to Microsoft Office, there are easy ways to help make our resolutions stick.



I’d love to know, did you make any resolutions this year? How are you doing so far?


 Disclosure: I’m proud to be a paid Microsoft Office Brand Ambassador. All opinions are my own.