By Guest Blogger Kara Maritzer

The notion of Inspiration is a funny thing.  A term often heard and overused by the likes of everyone.  The repeat offenders are those in the media vortex; celebrities/artists/Oprah – what “inspires” them to write a song, to play a character, to host a meaningful show.  Sounds more often than not like a line from a superficial superstar.

The idea of waking up in the morning with the hope that “inspiration” in some way, shape or form may present itself – hardly seems sensible. Certainly, as I meander through my daily grind, leading a busy life that is almost quantifiably on auto pilot, there doesn’t seem to be much room or much time for that matter to welcome genuine inspiration.  I can’t remember the last time I rolled out of bed early in the morning to the likes of carpool, work and life, feeling significantly inspired and on my way.


And yet oddly enough, if I look closely, inspiration has in a funny way, appeared in my life when I have least expected it, thereby waking me out of my auto-slumber and into action.  What’s even more interesting – is the carrier that conveys the inspiration and the simple, unadorned form in which it has taken.

I was out for dinner recently with some girlfriends and found myself throughout the courses of our meal being motivated by them, what they do and how they lead by example.  They are women; daughters, friends, mothers, wives and workers who in dispensing a tremendous amount of themselves everyday are discovering what the key to living a successful life means to them.  It is their subjective, personal journey and the integrity that they use to lead it that has left me incredibly inspired.

And beyond the inspiration of my capable and smart friends doing unbelievable things – I have found further motivation within my esteemed colleagues. Throughout the course of my career I have worked with all types; some so toxic, insecure and emotionally unstable that they border the line of lunacy, while others were so incredibly articulate, steady and graceful that I have considered myself fortunate to have worked with them.  Clearly, I have preferred to surround myself with the latter as opposed to the former, which as we all know isn’t always the case in a working environment.  And while the former in all its ugliness has no place under the “inspirational” banner – it has guided me to work with those of quality, reliability and integrity when and where I can find it. Life is just too short.


And then of course there are my beautiful children who in their little lives do and say things that I consider to be remarkably inspirational; my 4 year old daughter who without fear or reservation embraces a skating program mid-stream –the youngest child there and knowing not a single person.  Her enthusiasm and drive is matched by her lack of intimidation of the likes that I have not yet seen in such a small soul.  Or when she puts on her skis adamant about us not assisting her so that she too can tackle the mountain, pushing us aside if we dare come near her as she bombs down that hill.  Who gave her such courage? Where does that determination and chutzpah come from? Or my equally beautiful and capable son, who’s gap toothed smile through a caged hockey helmet moves me to a place of unbelievable pride and inspiration as he scores a goal. I look at these little people I brought into the world and am steeped in inspiration to be a great mother and lifelong role model to them.

Last month, I was further moved when I read guest blogger, Helen Georgakalis’s piece about her journey of abuse, neglect and hard luck. Her story meant so much more to me in large part because she is an old friend of mine.  Her life, although painful and bumpy, has by the grace of God led her to a place of freedom and peace.  Her ability to overcome such agony and adversity has been an unbelievable story of resilience and inspiration.


Much to my astonishment, inspiration in fact surrounds our lives in places we don’t look hard enough to notice.  There is, if you look closely enough, something to be inspired about every day.  And as I see it, it’s inspiration to aspiration.  I’m inspired to aspire to something richer, better perhaps even more righteous.  I can truly say that I appreciate the sometimes not so obvious little nuggets of inspiration that appear in my daily life.  When I stop and appreciate them, my glass is half full, my routine less numb and I am truly inspired.

What or who inspires you?



Kara Maritzer is the founder and owner of Karaco Communications. Kara specializes in marketing/branding and communications and has an extensive project/event management background. In addition, she has over 15 yrs experience in the non-profit sector and has worked with some of the largest charities in North America.