Wordless Wednesday

Ashley Anne Kirilow

It looks bad.

Especially after yesterday’s Blog.

But it’s not.

But it is.

It’s worse than it looks.

Her name is Ashley Anne Kirilow.

She was was dying of cancer.

Volunteers raised $20,000 for her “charity” called CHANGE FOR CURE.

She started a Facebook Page… had over 4,000 members.

She convinced a cancer awareness organization Skate4Cancer to fly her to Disney World to fulfill what she said was a dying wish.


She wasn’t dying.

Not even close.

She shaved her head. And her eyebrows. Plucked her eyelashes. Starved herself. All to make herself look like a Chemotherapy patient.

The whole thing was a sham.

Her comment: “I was trying to be noticed. I was trying to get my family back together. I didn’t want to feel like I’m nothing anymore. It went wrong, it spread like crazy, and then it seemed like the whole world knew. I dug myself a big hole that I couldn’t get out of and there’s nobody to blame but me.” Ashley said.

She says she wants to find a way to give all the money back.

Thoughts? Are you outraged or compassionate?


  1. Wow what a shame!!! But How can a child be blamed for something so bad? She said she wanted to be noticed. She said she wanted her family to get back together. There is so much here that we dont know about. Poor Poor girl. She has serious issues. We as a society point and blame first and ask after. Lets wait and see what really happened here.

  2. This girl obviously has psychological problems no doubt. But from what it seems, SHE WENT TO GREAT LENGTHS TO ACT THE PART. very devious. Very upsetting and sad at the same time. She probably grew up with little nurturing. crazy story.

  3. As someone who has been close to the situation I can tell you that this girl has manipulated people and situations and continues to get better and better at it. She is a cunning clever girl who cares about nobody except herself, she had support from her entire family which included several siblings that she hurt very badly. She received all kinds of help and all she could do was keep playing “head games” with everyone because she firmly believes she is smarter than everybody and nobody can tell her anything. She has continually left a path of hurt and angry people in her wake. She will not face any more jail time, just watch she knows what she is doing and will soon be somewhere else running another scam because that’s what she loves to do.

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