We’ve had a big milestone in our house this week. Thank you to the lovely pharmacist in my area who suggested we use THIS. The time has come, the big teeth are growing in, we have a lisp we are trying to cure, and we don’t want those new teeth growing in buck. Thanks to this little number above, thumb sucking has ceased in the Diamond home. I never thought it would be possible.

He chucked the blankie too when he could no longer get his thumb in his mouth, but he’s feeling oh so proud of himself! I’m so very proud of him too. It was seriously like quitting smoking… agitation, difficulty falling asleep, etc… We’re only six days in, but hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere!

Hasn't been without his thumb since birth
Same grip since birth

It’s also National Drink Wine Day, so lots to celebrate!

photo credit: @NationalDays on Twitter
photo credit: @NationalDays on Twitter

This National Drink Wine Day is coming in handy today since I had a flood in my kitchen that also leaked into my basement over the Christmas holidays while we were away, and I am now watching my house get completely dismantled (kitchen, living room, dining room) as we speak, only to have everything put back in the EXACT same form next month. What an f’n waste of time.

Pass the vino!