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I am thrilled to be part of this Nationwide 5-part series on Working Moms. It aired on Global Television yesterday, and thank you all for the great feedback.

Truth be told… they cut out some of the real moments– like when I asked my four year old son about the best part of his day (a nightly dinner tradition in our family), and he answered, “The best part of my day was when I made farts.” Global, you were too kind to cut that one out!

But, here is how I juggle it all.


I would also like to add, that juggling a career and family is no easy feat. It’s challenging, rewarding, exhausting, fulfilling, frustrating, exciting, and helluva lot more. I have worked my butt off since 1999, growing one business and then selling it, and then starting a second one, almost burning out in the process. It’s not all roses, but it is what I absolutely love.

I would love to know below how YOU currently juggle your own life, and how you make it all fit and work. Or not. 😉

To further take part in the conversation, I will be facilitating a LIVE BLOG tomorrow night on Global from 8PM-9PM EST for working moms. I’d love it if you’d join me.

Click here tomorrow night at 8pm EST to join the conversation.


  1. Great segment Erica. You make it all look easy but I follow you on Twitter and so I know that it’s not always peachy. PS – I would have loved to see your little boy talk about his farts. 🙂

    1. My life is hardly always peachy… if you follow me on twitter, you will definitely know that. We struggle as any family does, in all different areas of life. I would also like to say, that I know the video shows my babysitter serving my son something in the kitchen. SHE NEVER DOES THIS. She is never even in the kitchen. I make dinner every night and I serve dinner. But she was there for the filming of the segment, which is why you see her there. 🙂

      I know I do not owe an explanation, but my readers know I am very honest.

      And by the way, I would have loved to see the fart part too!! 😉 It’s real life.

  2. Great job Erica. You look so beautiful. Daycare was a dilemma I struggled with but I put my daughter in daycare for the socialization of it and it made financially more sense. I love your blog.

    1. Jennifer, daycare is what most mothers in this world opt for. When I chose a nanny over daycare in 2003, I was doing well in my business, and chose to keep my son at home instead of daycare so I could work from the office, as well as from home. Now my kids are bigger (and in school) but our nanny has become part of our family, there since the beginning.

      Had I only had my blog back in 2003 (and not my first business), I probably would have opted for daycare myself.

      Life is always about choices, and the choices we make. 🙂

  3. It was a great segment and you really conveyed what it’s like to be a work-at-home-mom. I echo Kimberley in saying that it was like watching my own life onscreen. The plus of being able to “be there” with the kids with the minus of the work always being there, and ‘on’, came through.

    Most importantly, though, the segment shows that you ARE doing it. You are doing what you love & accomplishing so much, kids in tow. And THAT, Erica, is just what you do: Inspiring women to get of the fence. Congrats on doing it again.

    Can’t wait to hear stories that start with…”I was thinking about starting something a couple of months/years back but not sure if I could/should & then I saw this segment on Global TV…”

    Have a great day 🙂

  4. I enjoyed this news special. Congrats for having the strength to do it all. You are an inspiration to us mothers!
    on twitter @ CleverlyChangin

  5. Wow your awesome.. I’m a full time mom of four can’t figure out how to fit work in even though the paycheque is always needed. However I love my life too. Great piece and wonderful life your built for yourself love it.

  6. Erica,
    A dear friend recommended your blog a few months back, and I do genuinely enjoy your writing. She thought I could relate….

    You ask how do we juggle and make it all work…hahaha depends on the day…however as a fulltime consultant (who recently has ventured into a new additional career in Real Estate) with two very active daughters aged 9 and 12, I should start a business in teaching people how to juggle!!!

    I agree with the “witching hour”, it runs between 3:30 and 8 in our house and depending on the time of year can be a Monday – Friday occurence. The biggest most important thing to keep me on track is scheduling….I can’t encourage it enough. I have even taught my girls to write their events on their own calendar. My hope is that they can recognize when their calendar is full, and also, to help keep me on track with reminders.

    Being a fully involved parent and a consummate professional, I wouldn’t be able to thrive day to day without scheduling and more importantly the support of family and my children. I love our life and love the busyness that surrounds our daily schedule and wouldn’t want things any other way. The joy I get from the extra curricular volunteer activities top the days off, and the best part is that I sleep like a baby every night.

    Anyway…schedule, schedule, schedule and when things get cancelled love the free time it suddenly creates!!!

    Keep up the fantastic writing, and hope to meet you one day at one of your speaking engagements!!!

    Jackie Mussel

  7. Hey Erica,
    Loved you in the segment and I could definitely see my own life in there (Our nightly dinner ritual also includes “what was the best part of your day?”) Looking forward to chatting with you on the live blog tonight! P.S. Great Blog!! I’ll follow it from now on – and thanks for the warm welcome back on Monday.

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