If you’ve been following my Twitter stream or Facebook fan page over the past few days, you know that I was in Boston over the weekend. I was thrilled when Tory Johnson, workplace correspondent on Good Morning America asked me to come and speak to the female entrepreneurs of Boston, at The Spark and Hustle Tour. My husband also had business in Boston, so we decided to leave the boys for a quick trip, and mix business with pleasure.

Spark and Hustle, you may ask? In a nutshell… you bring the SPARK, and I teach you how to HUSTLE. Catchy right? Years ago, Tory experienced something unfortunately too many working women face today. Check out Tory recently on CBS’s The Talk, and see how she turned disappointment into triumph. Tory’s energy is INFECTIOUS.

Many you have asked me about Spark and Hustle, and what was discussed and taught. My panel was HOW TO DEVELOP AN EFFECTIVE SALES STRATEGY. I shared the stage in an engaging conversation with two other dynamic women, also sales experts. Looking into the crowd, I saw so many women nodding their heads in agreement, relating to the issues and struggles so many businesswomen face today.

My Sales Panel

And because you asked, instead of sharing only great tips from Spark and Hustle, I’d like to show you how these business lessons can also serve as life lessons. So for ALL readers of Women On The Fence, you might learn a few new things:

#1: Mel Robbins: “All of your excuses are bullsh*t!
Not some or most or the majority. ALL of your excuses.”
IN LIFE: Often we’re great at making excuses. But excuses prevent us from reaching our goals and dreams. Excuses keep us in our comfort zones, because our brains love routine. Excuses prevent us from growing and thinking outside the box, and therefore keep us from living a fulfilling life. No more excuses.


#2: Erica Diamond: “Make a wish list of potential clients.”
“You can’t walk away from Spark & Hustle without realizing the profit and power of knowing who your target market is, and getting to know them intimately. Erica took it a step further when she encouraged the participants to actually make a wish list of potential clients and go after them individually.”
IN LIFE: Make a wish list or vision board of your own. Is your goal to revisit an old hobby, to find a part time job, to get rid of toxic girlfriends, or rid yourself of people who weigh you down? Businesses have plans, clear set goals, and detailed outlines. Your life should have the same. And post these life goals, or Bucket Lists, or resolutions, or vision boards in a VISIBLE PLACE. They should serve as a constant reminder to stay on track.


#3: Sheila Marcelo: “Surround yourself with people who inspire and teach you.”
“Pretty simple, but too often we’re brought down by the doubters and naysayers. No more.”
IN LIFE: It is no different in life than in business. Often we believe the naysayers, and they prevent us from reaching our goals. We hear a few negative words uttered, and our self esteem is shot. We hold back. We stay stuck, immobilized and powerless. Remember, no one has power over you. Real talk. You are in complete control of your own destiny. Don’t hand your power over to ANYONE. Surround yourself with good, and cut out the negativity wherever possible.


#4: Vicki Donlan: “Toot your own horn!”
“You don’t want to go around bragging about yourself constantly, but you certainly do want to make sure your circles of influence know what you do well, and how you (or your product) can help your target market. Don’t leave it to them to guess.”
IN LIFE: Often, we are our own worst enemies, when we should be our own biggest fans. I am not claiming to be braggy or cocky, but confidence will do you good in life. Good self esteem will spiral into all other areas of your life… in your relationships with your partner, co-workers, with your children. When you feel good about yourself, this breeds positivity. Don’t be afraid to be confident. As women, we’re often told to sit quietly, to be a lady. But remember, you can still be a confident lady. šŸ˜‰


#5: Tory Johnson: “Tell me what you do in FIVE WORDS or less!”
Tory: “I had to bring the group’s attention to something I overheard on Friday in Boston. One participant was speaking to another when they were interrupted by this, “You’ve been talking for 10 minutes and I still have no idea what you do.” We can’t afford to confuse the people we hope to turn into clients, champions or referral sources.”
IN LIFE: Don’t wax on. I’m guilty of over-share. This was a great lesson for me. Sometimes too much information can also come back and bite you in the butt. I will leave it at that. No one cares. Be brief. šŸ˜‰


#6 Michelle Pippin: “There’s Power in the Pounce!”
Michelle told a story of when Tory chastised a private client for her own failure to pounce on the profitable opportunities right in front of her. Don’t sit on leads. Don’t wait for the economy to change. Don’t assume tomorrow will be a better day unless you’re hustling to make it so. No more waiting. No more excuses. Your time is NOW.
IN LIFE: It is the nature of the beast to put off to tomorrow, what we can do today. After all, it’s so easy to slide things under the rug. But, there IS POWER TO THE POUNCE. When we put life off, we put off our happiness. No exaggeration. When we leave our house is disarray, or we don’t attend to our bills on time, after a while, this build-up creates anxiety. But there is tremendous comfort in crossing off to-do lists, and getting things done. Time management is crucial to your life success.

I heard something I loved on the Gayle King Show last week. She had an expert on, who said: The current state of your house, is the state of your entire life. Just think about it. She went on to say, that everything stems from your home. If your home is cluttered, disorganized, and a mess, that reflects your mental state. Your home is therefore the barometer of your life. Is it time to clean house?


I hope that you will take away these business and life lessons. We are all put on this earth with our own unique talents, abilities and creativity. Find your calling… whether it’s to be the best volunteer possible, to rediscover an old hobby, or to be the best boss or mother or partner you can be. Every woman deserves the right to go through life living, instead of simply existing. Don’t let the days turn into weeks, into months, into years, until you wake up one day and realize time has passed you by.

This is your ‘frying-pan-over-the-head’ moment.

What do you think? Tell us, what are you biggest career and life challenges? Can you jot down ONE ACTION you will commit to getting done this week?

And finally, enjoy some photos from the weekend…

Me and Tory Johnson
Romantic dinner in Boston
My hubby keeping me company after dinner at my book signing