Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

BUSY TO BLISS: The Coaching Experience: A Private Membership Community Dedicated To Transformative Self-Care For Busy Modern Women With Real Life Schedules

Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

BUSY TO BLISS: The Coaching Experience: A Private Membership Community Dedicated To Transformative Self-Care For Busy Modern Women With Real Life Schedules

Month: May 2014

The Age Of Aloneness

Calling all moms, aunties, and grandmothers! Today’s post is actually why I started blogging in the first place– to provide a safe and inclusive community to share and learn from likeminded women all working toward the same goal – to be the best and happiest that they can be.

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Wordless Wednesday: Midnight In Paris

I am here celebrating my husband’s 40th birthday. Leaving the kids was honestly quite stressful, with a lot of tears (we have never left them for more than three days). The first day was very difficult. The second one, a little easier. Now… WHAT KIDS?! 😉

We’ve settled into a well-needed vacation together and surrendered to magic of this romantic city. I’ve also surrendered to the loving care of the grandparents at home knowing that the boys are in safe hands.

Just a few moments…

Leon’s: Every Family’s One-Stop-Shop #Sp

We were recently on the hunt for a new mattress. In fact, we were so long overdue, that sleep for my husband and I had become the running joke in our family. Every time one of us moved in bed, you could hear the squeak down the hall! We had shopped all around the city. Everything was either too expensive, or we couldn’t find one that fit our needs just right.

Enter Leon’s!

Forbes Women’s Summit: A 24 Hour Adventure! #RedefinePower

Sit back, relax and grab a coffee… this one’s gonna be a longy! I am coming off a high from a 24-hour whirlwind adventure to New York City. I was honored to have received a special invite to be Moira Forbes’ guest to the 2nd Annual Forbes Women’s Summit celebrating the “Everything” of Entrepreneurship (my first love and passion). If you are a new reader, you might not know that entrepreneurship is in my blood, and I have been an entrepreneur since age 24, mentoring and coaching other female founders for the past 15 years and even writing my book 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Starting Their Own Business on startup.

I knew this summit was going to be magic – I mean, imagine what happens when a room full of 250 entrepreneurs, trailblazers and change-makers get together? Electricity! Fireworks! 250 dynamic women discussing important issues, all in one room… I was excited.

6 Smartphone Apps For Summer Fun!

Summer is almost in the air. In Montreal, we’re seeing more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and it’s putting our city in a festive spirit. To gear us up for one of my favorite seasons, I wanted to share some fun, must-have summer apps for your smart phones and tablets. I love sharing ways to simplify our lives, and these are just fantastic.

WATCH: A Mother’s Day in Portage Substance Abuse Rehab Facility

Sunday is Mother’s Day- a day to celebrate and honor mothers everywhere. Today is not your typical Mother’s Day blog post. No, today, I decided to spotlight Portage, a substance abuse rehabilitation facility with a special Mother-Child program, helping mothers and children with addiction. I wanted desperately to give some of these nameless women who have fallen through the cracks, a voice for Mother’s Day.

I have to give credit my father, for it was his idea to do a mother’s day segment on these women. My dad is on the board Portage, one of Canada’s leading substance abuse rehabilitation facilities with locations across the country, and he told me about all the trailblazing work they are doing in the arena of addiction. Unique to Portage, they have en entirely separate Mother-Child facility where substance addicted mothers can live with their babies, and where newborns who are born drug-addicted can safely undergo drug withdrawal and not have to be separated from their mother. I walked the halls and saw these mothers and their children, and heard their stories. I was nervous going in, but so eager to hear the stories and showcase Portage’s work in this arena. I was only hoping I would do a good enough job to do their organization justice. I sat down with the facilitators who run Portage and asked them about what makes them so successful at what they do.

Wordless Wednesday: Born In France

Yes, I got this email from my husband over the weekend and it made me squirt my coffee from my nose. Maybe THIS explains the weight gain I wrote about on Monday. Oh boy, I think I have LESS eating and MORE putting out to do.

New Research: The Secrets To Living Longer

So I’ve been thinking a lot about my health lately as I approach 40 and notice huge changes in my body. I was the girl you didn’t like– the girl who ate whatever she wanted and the food just didn’t stick. Well, those days are over and I have officially landed on planet earth to join the rest of the world. It’s sobering, to say the least. Now, all of a sudden, no matter WHAT I eat, healthy food included, it ALL sticks. But I’m going down with a fight, yo.

Yesterday, I decided to spring for the $35 bucks that I was too cheap to do before. I’ve been dying to get Miss “Conscious Uncoupling” herself, Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest cookbook, It’s All Good. I’ve heard wonderful things about it, and I am really trying to be even more mindful when it comes to health than ever before. All jokes aside, I have always been a mindful, healthy eater. My mom raised me on organic food and whole grains decades ago, before people even talked about it. But now, I’m really tuning in.

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