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Month: November 2014

@Aeroplan’s 30th Anniversary SPREE With A Giveaway!

You might recall we are doing a full week of Black Friday shopping on You also may recall we have done exciting giveaways in the past with Aeroplan as well. You, my lovely readers, know that I have been a loyal member of the Aeroplan program, accumulating Aeroplan Miles as I have spent dollars (which I have redeemed for airfare, hotel, car rental, merchandise, and more), for almost 20 years! Well, Aeroplan turned 30 this year and we honored that anniversary by giving away 30,000 MILES to a lucky random WomenOnTheFence reader. It was cool!

Black Friday Week Continues With @Microsoft!

Black Friday Deals Week continues at!

My beloved readers know that I became an ambassador for Microsoft Office a few years ago. It was thrilling, because I haven’t lived A DAY without Microsoft Office for the past 15 years. I have travelled to Microsoft headquarters, given away Microsoft products, held contests and more over the past few years. It has been a partnership I value tremendously.

Perhaps you have been using Microsoft Office like me for many years, or perhaps you’re just getting started. Yup, as a businesswoman and mom, these are some powerful and useful programs I simply cannot live without. Yes, I run Office on my Mac now, iPhone and iPad now, so Mac or PC, you’re covered! Black Friday WEEK Starts Today with Le Chateau Fashion!

Hello and Happy Monday! We are trying something new this year. We will be kicking off a Black Friday WEEK with deals for you starting TODAY!

There’s no better place to stock up on the greatest office party, holiday season and New Year’s party attire AND gifts than the store on every main street and in every mall across Canada, and online at


For Black Friday Week, some promotions going on NOW:

30% Off Suiting*
$25 Off Jackets*
$50 Off Coats*
$50 Off Dresses*

Dress Shirts: 2 for $60*
50% Off The Original Price*

*Select Items Only

Make sure to bookmark this page and check back this THURSDAY AFTER 5PM for even HOTTER BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!

So without further ado, let’s show you some great fall/winter/holiday looks for every woman, in every size, for every occasion.

Do You Help Your Kids With Their Homework?

Is homework a source of frustration for you? When is the best time, how can we get our kids to be self motivated and do it on their own? On this week’s Global TV segment, I shared my top 5 tips and strategies.

Accepting Change: Letting Yourself Fall Into The Flow of Your Life

While my current situation is not life threatening, it has been life altering. The following are my musings of dealing with a life-changing event.

Imagine being in the top physical shape of your life. Years of training, rebooting your body. You changed your food habits, you had adopted exercise habits. You found yourself enjoying working out and making the gym a daily part of your life. Through your own journey you were able to drop 120+ pounds and rebooted your body chemistry so that you were no longer a health risk to yourself or to your loved ones.

Wordless Wednesday: Sexiest Man Alive

It was announced today. Your Sexiest Man Alive 2014 is… drumroll… Chris Hemsworth.

Ladies, ladies, what say you?

I’m not on the fence… this guy doesn’t do it for me.

Maybe I’m still living in the past, but this was the Sexiest Man Alive EVER for moi.

About Last Week

Hello ladies! Long time no connect. Sorry I have been off the radar for the past week. I left for Los Angeles last Monday as you know, returned home Thursday night and then left again Friday morning with the fam for Toronto to celebrate my cousin’s bat mitzvah.

It’s gooood to be home!

They say good things come in threes and last week, they certainly did.

I will share a few nice things since I last blogged:

Bucket List Crossing

I’m sitting at the airport about to cross a few things off my bucket list this week. I’m feeling so excited, so nervous, and well, always, always butterflies when traveling far away and alone.

I kissed my boys goodbye last night and I’m off to LA now to fulfill a dream – to share my wisdom on OWN TV.

5 Great Fall Reads!

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up under the covers and get into a great book. On this week’s Global TV segment, I shared 5 great fall reads… I included something for every woman: fiction, non-fiction, funny, heartwarming, heart-pounding thriller.

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