Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

BUSY TO BLISS: The Coaching Experience: A Private Membership Community Dedicated To Transformative Self-Care For Busy Modern Women With Real Life Schedules

Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time, energy & joy in 2024?

BUSY TO BLISS: The Coaching Experience: A Private Membership Community Dedicated To Transformative Self-Care For Busy Modern Women With Real Life Schedules

Month: January 2015

Recipes and Tips for Healthy Eating This Super Bowl Weekend

ne of America’s favorite pastimes is gathering for the Super Bowl, which often involves a spread of unhealthy food options. But you know what? Spending time with your friends and cheering for your favorite team should not have to add to your waistline! Eating clean can be easy, even at parties. You just need the tips and tools, and I’m excited to share them here for Women On The Fence readers! My method is simple: I trim food decisions into a simple guide to eating right. The concept: 51 Food Laws to take with you to the grocery store. Perfect for Super Bowl Weekend! Just a few of the Rules highlights:

Love To Travel? Listen Up @Aeroplan Peeps!

I wanted to draw your attention to something that Aeroplan announced today. For those that might not remember, I have proudly been Aeroplan’s Brand Ambassador for two years now. And why would I not be proud? I’ve been a loyal member of this program for TWENTY YEARS!

A reminder if you don’t know how it works, it’s simple: sign up for an Aeroplan number, accumulate miles, and redeem them for practically anything you’d want! Beside redeeming miles for Flights around the world, Car rentals and Hotel stays, Aeroplan also has 12 categories where you can also redeem: Activities & Entertainment, Fashion & Accessories, Eco-Friendly, Electronics, Gift Cards & Ideas, Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, Luggage & Totes, Media & More, Sports & Outdoors, Travel & Getaways and Money Can’t Buy.

Today, Aeroplan announced their new American Express card called the American Express AeroplanPlus Reserve Credit Card.

Wordless Wednesday: Celebrating 2 Years With Global TV

I can’t believe how the time has flown by. Two years ago today, on a Wednesday morning at 8:45am, I started a new job as the Weekly Parenting and Lifestyle Correspondent on Global TV’s The Morning News.

I was nervous, somewhat green, and didn’t know how our chemistry would actually carry over after my screen test.

Blue Monday: 10 Tips To Get Yourself Out Of A Rut

“Christmas is over, you’ve put on weight, it’s cold out, it’s dark out, your credit card bills are in, you’re not going to get another day off until March, and you’re tired.

You might even be depressed.

If so, you are not alone, especially not today. For today, according to one measure, is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.” (Montreal Gazette)

Sounds pretty gloomy. But for many, it truly is. For some, this January funk is a result of cold weather, overspending during the holidays, the economy, a relationship gone sour, or job dissatisfaction. For others, it’s something more serious.

Alright, I’ve gotta confess. Blue Monday was last Monday, and I missed it. I was Googling Blue Monday 2014 a few weeks ago, instead of 2015 and I scheduled this post incorrectly for today. All that to say, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to share some tips on this subject. Cuz it’s important.

Today, no matter where you’re at, I wanted to give you 10 power tips to beat the winter blues. Ten power tips to get you out of the January funk. Ten suggestions you can do NOW, to give yourself some relief.

Do You Ever Feel Like People Are Judging You?

Do you ever feel like people are judging you?

If your answer was not yes, than clearly you are not paying attention.

People ARE judging you.

All of the time.

I mention judgment not to make you feel ever-more under a microscope …but to ask a question I am curious about. Do you like or dislike being judged?

My answer I suppose is short and simple, I like being judged when it is positively and I do not like being judged when it is negatively. Might be human to feel so.

Playing In Your Own Shit

As I was in yoga class last week, it brought me back to a story a few years back. I would like to share this story that resonated for me, especially since we just started a new year, and can therefore start with a clean slate – tabula rasa.

So…. a few years ago. Yoga. Yes. I was totally into it… relaxed, lying on my back, eyes closed, breathing. I had worked hard during the hour, so my body was feeling fatigued. I had also been completely overloaded at the time, so I just allowed myself to sink into the mat, and listen to the teacher’s soothing voice. His comments about why we have chosen to come to yoga class today, and how we choose to live our lives each and every day was very calming. I was truly in the moment.

Does Your Husband Have A Work Spouse?

TGIF Chiquitas!! That means 20/20 tonight, after Friday night dinner with friends (and double hockey). I LOVE Friday nights.

We’ve been a little heavy around here lately, and as you know, I always like to switch things up, so I came across a funny topic that I hoped would soften the mood today.

A friend of mine recently asked me if I knew what a “work spouse” was, to which I replied “Yes,” only because I had seen it a few years ago ago on Grey’s Anatomy. Adele accused her husband, Richard, the Chief Staff of having an affair with Bailey, and Callie stepped in only to explain that Baily is the Chief’s “work wife.”

New Year, New Goals with Microsoft Office

A brand new year, means a brand new start. For those looking to make resolutions and goals stick, now is a perfect time to create those goals, and put your plan into action. And thanks to cool apps out there like Microsoft Office, you can even make a DIGITAL vision board! And as most of you know, I’m super proud to be their Brand Ambassador.

For many, the new year is a chance to reflect on the past, and improve on the year ahead. Whether it’s staying fit, being more productive or spending more time with friends and family, Microsoft Office has rounded up the following tips and tricks to help you act on 2015 resolutions and get off on the right foot.

Settling Into A New Year

I wanted to check in with you, as I settle into a new year. This year was the second time I made ZERO New Years resolutions for myself. ZERO. If you know me, you what a planner, plotter and strategizer I am. But there was something that felt liberating in making no plans, no bucket lists, no vision boards. In starting the year without a map, and just going where the wind takes you. I’m officially a woman without direction now setting sail in the direction of pure instinct! I obviously wouldn’t suggest this for everyone. If you have a hard time getting your rear in gear, then this strategy wouldn’t be the path to a successful you in 2015. But if you are a type A, hard working hustler, then I highly suggest loosening the reigns. It turns out, it’s very liberating. Kinda like going out without a bra.

It’s time to work smarter not harder, end procrastination and own your day… every day!

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