SoberJulie: Overcoming Addiction, Finding Joy and The Signs You Might Have a Problem with Alcohol

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Episode Summary

In this episode, I chat with Julie Elsdon, mom, wife and recovered alcoholic. As a Certified Professional Recovery and Life Coach, Julie takes us back to where her addiction all started at age 19. She shares what to do if you are showing signs of abusing alcohol, and how to get help.

We go deep in this episode. You don’t want to miss this episode!

In This Episode

  • Julie shares her childhood and how alcohol was “always around.”
  • When Julie’s drinking went from in check, to not in check, and how she knew the line had eroded.
  • About hiding your drinking.
  • The moment Julie decided to get sober.
  • Julie takes us through her sober journey.
  • Julie talks about her triggers, and she navigates around them.
  • If you may be teetering on that line, Julie shares some signs your drinking isn’t in check. She also shares what advice she has for women who may be on that slippery slope.
  • The first thing someone should do if they feel they have a problem with drinking.
  • About life today as Sober Julie.

About Julie

Known since 2010 on social media as SoberJulie and as the founder of the popular blog Life Straight UP! Julie is known for her no-nonsense, straight up style of connecting with people to help them to see the possibilities that a life in recovery offers. As a Certified Professional Recovery and Life Coach, Julie assists clients to break free of destructive patterns in order to achieve their true potential. Julie guides clients using problem-solving strategies and empowerment, challenging them to live the life that they truly desire. Julie believes that we all have the answers and power to change within ourselves.


Sober Julie

Alcoholics Anonymous

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