Plan Your Year with a Resolution Each Month

Plan Your Year with a Resolution Each Month

I’ve been contemplating the end of the decade, and this year, I am offering you something new.

This year, you are the artist of your own blank canvas, and I have offered you a focus for each month to take you through the first year of the new decade.

I have left it vague and fairly open on purpose: this exercise is to get you introspective and intentional.

Any questions? Contact me.

Any epiphanies throughout the year? I want to hear about them.

There you go- you now have a roadmap for the year. Now, go ahead and start working on your own personal mantra for January.

mantra: noun.

A word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs. (ex: I strive to improve myself, I am a winner, I believe in myself, I choose to be happy, I am blessed, I will persevere…)

A few footnotes: notice October. You’re making a gratitude list of all things you’re grateful for that are “NOT so great in my life right now.” Ooh- that’s a good one, people! Just trust me on this one. It’s there for a reason.

Also, December is a great time to give back and donate in time or charity too.

Happy (almost) 2020.

I’m sending you so much love.

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