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Creating Your Self-Care Regime

Happy Monday! I am thrilled to share my latest SELF-CARE Infographic with you! My prescription is 30-60 minutes a day of self-care activities.

This is all part of my new talk coming out in 2020 called The Diamond Edge: How To Get What You Want While Giving Yourself What You Need

If you enjoy it, please feel free to share it with someone who needs the reminder to care for themselves.

Have a wonderful Monday, and an early Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! 

Creating Your Self-Care Regime

Living an Empowered Life Filled With Love, Happiness & Success IS Absolutely Possible For You

Today is Day 7 of the Self Love and Self Care Symposium that I took part in as a Wellness Lifestyle Expert, and my session is today! Please set aside 30 minutes to an hour to hear from all new peeps today! 😉 It’s easy to watch and listen from home, your laptop or computer, phone or tablet. You can access all of today’s interviews immediately and they will be available for you to watch for 48 hours for free.

Erica Diamond
Creating Your Self-Care Regime

Join Erica Diamond and 35 Other Experts at the Self-Care Virtual Symposium

Living an Empowered Life Filled With Love, Happiness & Success IS Absolutely Possible For You

You probably don’t hear this often enough and I want you to really take this in…

You are SO LOVED!

More than you know…

Life loves you and wants you to succeed!

You are a magnificent human being with unique talents and gifts that are truly valued.

But that’s not why you are loved.

Love is your birthright … you are loved, just because you exist.

Zen Flow Yoga Class Online (30-Minute)

If you missed today’s Instagram live yoga class, here is the 30-minute Zen Flow Yoga Class Online. All levels welcome. Grab your partner, your kids, and join along in moving your body to breath. You will need a yoga mat (or beach towel).

The playlist that accompanies this class: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7sFvGXAcpmeerlj2J14hhr?si=J4wGxYftTF25rtn08xCOrw

Happy practicing this weekend. Harvard medical school is recommending yoga to deal with COVID-19 anxiety. Stay well. Self-care is pertinent.

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