So, I experienced star-struckness (okay I know that’s not a word) this morning. We LOVE music artist Jason Derulo in our house. We play his songs all the time (especially Ridin’ Solo, Don’t Wanna Go Home, The Other Side, and In My Head), and my kids know all the words. So when I got word last night that his live Global TV segment was going to air right after mine, I admit, I got excited!


He was everything I imagined and more. Firstly, ladies, the body. That BODY. He works out a reported 3 hours a day. And of course the talent. But most importantly, he’s a gentleman, and he’s a mensch. While we hung together chatting in the green room for 30 minutes, I decided to ask him a question. Of course, as a Success Coach, I often ask the same question to many people I meet– What’s your secret to success? What’s your recipe?

And here was his answer to me: “For me, I believe in the rule of 10,000 hours (Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in your field and master your trade). I think success comes from doing the time. I have spent YEARS perfecting my craft– since I was a little boy. Simply put, you’ve gotta want it more than the guy next to you wants it. And success is actually a life decision. I’m in competition with no one other than myself, and that is who I compare myself to.”

I thought those were such powerful words.

So thank you Jason Derulo for the inspiration. It reminds me of an Oprah quote I shared yesterday on our Facebook fan page.


Amen to hustling.

And finally, here is this morning’s segment on Secrets to Success in marriage and motherhood.

Have a Happy Hump Day, beauties! What are YOUR secrets to success?