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Are you ready to FINALLY prioritize your self-care, avoid burnout, and reclaim your time & energy?

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How To Get Off Your Butts and Achieve Your Dreams with Dr. Alex Avila

I was thrilled to be a guest recently on Dr. Alex Avila’s Love University podcast.

I’m super excited to share it with you today!


By Dr. Alex Avila

Too many women are on the fence today—not able to decide what they want to do with their lives. Juggling the demands of motherhood, wifehood (or being a single parent), as well as being a breadwinner and working on their personal development, there is a disconnect between what women really want and what they have. Are you a woman on the fence? If so, there is hope for you.

Here are some tips to help you get off the fence and get started with your life:

*Practice Self-Care: Take 30 to 60 minutes every day to do pleasurable and life-enhancing activities, whether it’s meditation, exercise, art, cooking, a hobby, or spiritual practice. You are not just mom, wife, and worker. You are an “Individual You” who needs to recharge your energies so you can help yourself and others.

*Do the Next Right Thing Right Now: Sometimes, you feel overwhelmed with so much to do—at home and work. Pick one important goal or activity for the day, and do that. Maybe you want to teach your child something new. Or, you want to look into attending an exercise or yoga class. Or, you want to learn a new recipe, or research a new business or career (educational) opportunity. Perhaps, you want to explore dating options. Whatever it is, just focusing on doing the one right thing each day that will give you momentum for the rest of the week.

*As Samantha Ettus Says, Do Everything Within Your Golden Triangle: Schedule all of your important appointments and activities (therapy, hair, shopping, gym) within a short geographic radius of home, school, and work. This is your Golden Triangle. You don’t have time to be driving all over the place to your dentist, store, or therapist. Find professionals, merchants, and service providers that are qualified, and are near you. This will save you a lot of time and energy—not to mention frazzled nerves—as efficiently accomplish everything you need to do during the day.

*Practice Compassionate Parenting: Resist the temptation to yell at your child out of anger. Although discipline is required at times, it’s important to model unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance to your children. Help them emotionally explore their behaviors—when they do the right and wrong thing. Teach them empathy—the ability to put themselves in other’s shoes. As your children become older, they will appreciate your compassionate teaching, and you will be a more satisfied and happier parent.

*To Love Others, Love Yourself First: Having healthy self-esteem is a prerequisite to having a healthy love relationship. Whether you’re single or married, it’s important that you work on yourself—read self-help books, watch informative YouTube videos or TED talks, engage in therapy or a spiritual or self-development practice—so you can be a loving person who gives and receives love. Instead of trying to find Mr. Right (or staying with him), make sure you are Mrs. Right—in your internal sense of love that you project outwardly to attract everything you need, including love.

Now that you have the secrets for “Getting Off the Fence,” go ahead and do it. You may have gotten comfortable sitting there, and it may be a little scary to jump down. But the grass is a lot greener, and the earth is more solid, when you come down off your psychological fence and embrace the goodness of life. When you do so, you will fulfil your full potential as a giving and loving human being who lives with joy and contentment.

Hope you enjoy it. I’d love your feedback. Happy weekend beautiful ladies.

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Erica Diamond


Teaching women how to prioritize SELF-CARE, Erica Diamond is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Lifestyle and Parenting Correspondent on Global TV, Founder of Bliss Essential (, Professional Speaker, Host of The Erica Diamond Podcast, Course Creator of Busy To Bliss (, Author of the women’s entrepreneurial book 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Starting Their Own Business, and Founder & Editor-In-Chief of the Award-Winning Lifestyle Platform® (previously®). Erica Diamond has been named to the coveted list of The Top 20 Women in Canada, FORBES Magazine’s Top 100 Sites for Women and a Profit Hot 50 Canadian Company. Erica Diamond was the Spokesperson for National Entrepreneurship Day and is a Huffington Post contributor.

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