So, You Wanna Be Happy? Here’s the Latest Research and it’s Fascinating

So, You Wanna Be Happy? Here's the Latest Research and it's Fascinating

Alright, who wants some of the latest research out of Yale University on happiness?

It turns out that genetics account for 50% of your happiness. So, are you a glass half empty or half full kind of person? That matters quite a bit. But here’s where the research gets interesting. Only 10% of our happiness comes from what happens to us, and that means all the big things- death, divorce, job loss… You know what accounts for the other big chunk of 40%? Actions, thoughts and habits. Yes, the research shows us that almost half is under our daily control— and that’s a really important piece here. Our activities have a huge impact on our happiness. It’s the daily habits that done over time, will have a major effect on our happiness index- so our habits and thoughts and actions will effect us positively, OR negatively.

The question is, what will we do with this knowledge now? Especially during these challenging times we’re living through. Well, we can start by not blaming our unhappiness on life circumstance (I know that’s difficult), and start to take our power back. We can start working on our own happiness – getting up earlier in the morning, meditating, getting our space organized around us, planning in advance, committing to staying connected socially, moving our bodies every day, sleeping more, eating more good food, set goals, practice gratitude, embracing forgiveness and less grudge holding, and much more. We can start to rewire our brain for happiness.

Is happiness therefore brought on mostly by our habits and thoughts? Well, I don’t have that answer, but the research is pointing us a lot in the direction.

If you’re looking to send loving attention to the self and learn new practices and ways to restore and re-energize, I’m here to help.

Happy #ThinkingThursday and #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

So, You Wanna Be Happy? Here's the Latest Research and it's Fascinating

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  1. Either half-empty or half-full, both are not fully filled. It is so sad to know that already 50% of happiness comes from genetic setpoint. The only half you’re left is 10% of which is you can’t control and 40% that you can control and very possibly probably mess up. So you really need to think through all the things you can control and accept what you can’t.

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