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Are you ready to finally prioritize your self care this spring?

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9 years ago yesterday, I became a blogger. I really didn’t know what a blogger was, just that it would be the place I would try and get unstuck and off the fence, and so would you. I was working shit out at the time, and writing seemed to be a way to process it and work through it. We would vent, and help each other, and share our disappointments and frustrations. We would cheer each other on, and support one another. We would also listen to other stories of people who have overcome too. We believed vulnerability is strength, not weakness. And it changed my life.

I no longer write about my children because when the diaper and poop and bottle phase ended and real life took over, it suddenly felt like a betrayal of their privacy. But we have grown and evolved as a Brand. I’ve had some incredible highs, some life-learning lows, and I wouldn’t change a thing. This women’s lifestyle blog, ‘Real Inspiration for the Modern Woman’ will always be my safe place to work things out.


I was fortunate enough to celebrate on the air with Global TV this morning. To honor  WomenOnTheFence’s blogging anniversary, I shared some blogging tips and tricks on how to both start, and monetize a blog. If you are thinking of taking the dive, and you dream of making money from home, a few tricks of the trade…

Direct link to segment:

I am also so excited to announce the relaunch/rebrand of today! It’s a been a long time in the making. Now a quicker, cleaner and more user-friendly experience, and it’s as always, thanks to Rajat Sharma! Celebrates Its 9th Blogiversary and a Rebranded!

I am often asked who hosts my website, designs my sites, etc… So, here goes: If you need: website design, e-commerce, Shopify, WordPress and Woocommerce development and design, online security, branding, re-branding, print design, business cards, logos, flyers, SEO, and hosting, then Rajat Sharma is your guy!

Visit his company Aremm at, or email Rajat at [email protected] or call him at 514-546-2432.

I promise he will take good care of you whether you are a mompreneur, small business, large company, solopreneur, blogger – he will nail it for you.

Happy 9th Blogiversary, Fencers. Almost a decade together. Makes me cry, warms my heart, just how far we have come TOGETHER. I feel more reignited than ever here. YOU are my people. And I am so grateful. Celebrates Its 9th Blogiversary and a Rebranded!

Erica Diamond


Erica Diamond is a women's expert, TV Personality and author. Inspiring OFF THE FENCE Living, Erica Diamond is a leading Women's Expert and Life Coach, TV Personality, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher, and Founder of the popular lifestyle brand®

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