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Month: November 2012

Wisdom Wednesday: Why Me? Why NOT Me?

Wisdom Wednesday: Why Me? Why NOT Me?

My DVR is programmed to record 60 Minutes every Sunday night. Sundays at 7PM, it turns out, are never a good time to watch live, so it’s recorded to watch at a more convenient time.

Yesterday I was feeling a little sluggish, so I got into bed at 3pm for a little 30 minute break before carpool. I turned on 60 Minutes.

I was blown away. I urge you to watch this from start to finish. It will be 10 minutes of your time well spent.

Who Is On Your Fantasy Dinner List?

Who Is On Your Fantasy Dinner List?

Happy Monday! I figured many of you would be sluggish returning to the grind today after a long Thanksgiving weekend, so I wanted to keep things light. Today, we’re off the fence.

For some odd reason, I have been asked this question a lot lately. WHO IS ON MY FANTASY DINNER LIST?

My Son is Being Bullied

My Son is Being Bullied

It’s 2:03am on Saturday night and I’m wide-awake and completely unable to sleep. My mind keeps replaying the conversation earlier this evening my husband and I had with my six-year old son.

My son tonight admitted to us he was being bullied at school.

Networking for the Newbie

Networking for the Newbie

When I became a self-employed business woman just over two years ago, I knew nothing about networking. Quite frankly, I thought networking was for old men in suits. Little did I know that finding a network and building quality relationships was going to become an integral part of my business.

When you think of the word “networking,” what comes to mind? Panic, intimidation, something you just don’t want to do? If you think of it as something FUN, and an opportunity to take your business to the next level, then you might change your perception.

Warning Signs of Burnout and How To Avoid It - Erica Diamond on Canada AM

Warning Signs of Burnout and How To Avoid It – Erica Diamond on Canada AM

I just returned from my morning segment on Canada’s national morning show, Canada AM. In 2001 I was close to burnout, and today I shared the warning signs of burnout, and how to avoid it. Many people are walking around burned out, and don’t even know it. I hope that you will LISTEN to your body, and RESPOND promptly.

The Other Side of Victim

Just before my alarm went off, I opened my eyes and rushed to the bathroom mirror. They were even darker and more pronounced than last night.

This wasn’t a dream.

I ignored my mother’s voice coming from downstairs and stayed with my reflection. Standing frozen, as witness to the aftermath, I stepped outside myself, in awe.

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