Are you ready to finally prioritize your self-care this spring?

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Are you ready to finally prioritize your self care this spring?

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Join Me This Friday at 12pm EST on Instagram LIVE for a Zen Yoga Flow

Join Me This Friday at 12pm EST on Instagram LIVE for a Zen Yoga Flow

Again, I am grateful for my community who keeps reaching out daily. Since we all know self-care is at the top of the priority list for ourselves and our loved ones these days, I decided I would teach one of my favorite self-care tips.

As you know, I’ll be going live on Instagram @EricaDiamond every day this week at 12pm EST, and because of your feedback, have decided to make this Friday’s 12pm Instagram live, a zen flow yoga class. All levels welcome. I’ll share a playlist you can practice to as well, since all my classes are set to empowering music.

I’ll see you on the mat this Friday, which also happens to be International Day of Happiness. You have the next few days to purchase or borrow a mat (just make sure you clean it well), if you don’t already own one.

And as I say when I teach corporate yoga, and many are given a yoga mat for their very first time, “Let this be the beginning of your journey into wellness and self-care. You now own your very own yoga mat, which you can step on to when you need inspiration, quiet or a safe space to detach and go inside yourself. Magic can happen if you allow it, every time you step onto this mat.”

Grab lunch, or a cup of tea or coffee and join me today at noon (and every day this week), and again, I’ll see you this Friday for a zen flow.

Erica Diamond


Erica Diamond is a women's expert, TV Personality and author. Inspiring OFF THE FENCE Living, Erica Diamond is a leading Women's Expert and Life Coach, TV Personality, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher, and Founder of the popular lifestyle brand®

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